First MOT failure

Suspension causes bulk of expensive insurance repairs at first MOT according to report

Published:  23 June, 2011

Suspension component failures are the mechanical 'three-year glitch' most likely to cause a car to fail its first MOT, according to an insurance company.

Warranty Direct analysed thousands of three and four-year old cars and found that the average repair cost for cars typically leaving their manufacturer warranty period is £338.

The safety-critical ABS braking system is the second most likely part to cause extra expense at the first MOT, costing £667 to fix according to the firm. The turbocharger - fitted to nearly all diesel and many petrol cars - is the most costly repair item on the list, coming in at more than £750. While this is not a tested item, if the owner neglects having it repaired then the car may not pass the emissions test.

A spokesman from the firm said: "It's not only complex systems that suffer premature failure - parts of the exhaust can break or wear out when a car is still comparatively young."

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