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Ignition from Denso

Published:  31 March, 2016

The number of spark plugs available on the market, with some different types for the same application, means garages have a wide and sometimes confusing choice to offer their customers.

DENSO regards its new TT range as an upgrade in performance and an opportunity to consolidate its range of spark plugs. Having spent five years promoting the Nickel TT, the company now believes the aftermarket is ready to upgrade with its Iridium TT range. The company also hopes to simplify the market and make choice easier whilst creating faster moving stock for aftermarket suppliers.

Iridium is super-hard, extremely dense and can withstand significantly high temperatures. Twin-tip electrodes allow for omni-directional flame growth which, in turn, promotes improved combustion and allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently, while a platinum ground electrode offers corrosion resistance and aids a long plug lifetime. This is in part because the precious metal is more susceptible to oxidation compared to the central electrode and platinum has a better high-temperature resistance to this reaction.

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