Toyabaru fit and forget upgrade

Suspension from Eibach

Published:  08 August, 2014

The Pro-Street S kit for the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ is a fully adjustable coilover set-up from Eibach. The kit is designed specifically for the Toyobaru's RWD platform, giving a wide range of ride-height adjustment while keeping ride quality. This gives the car a more aggressive stance. Drops of 20-50mm on the front and 35-55 on the rear can be achieved in minutes. The kit is designed for road use, although the stainless steel construction and precision damper units come from Eibach's motorsport division in Germany. Damper rates are computer matched with the springs at the factory so it is a 'fit and forget' system once the desired ride-height has been set. The adjustable spring seat can be easily wound up or down to get the perfect stance or corner weighting before being locked off with a stainless hex bolt. ERS race springs are used which are built to race specification.

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