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Published:  06 November, 2014

Six new Meyle-HD water pumps are available for various VW models and they come with a four-year warranty. They feature a mechanical seal and this sealing ring is said to play a significant role in the durability of a water pump. The engineers at Wulf Gaertner Autoparts have used silicon carbide seal faces and a high quality water pump bearing. Technology manager Sven Nielsen says: "This combination is primarily designed for the stresses in used vehicles in which the cooling system already shows signs of wear and corrosion, and where the cooling agent may also be contaminated". The seal is designed to be much more resistant to dirt and cooling agent additives, the secondary seal is highly resistant to temperature and weathering.

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  • Get to the bottom of curious cooling faults 

    The Power Clean Flush Tool can be used on any make and model and is supplied by Gates with a set of tips and connectors to cleanse radiator necks, engine blocks and heater core tubes. Pulsing, pressurised water removes debris from deep corners and when it encounters a blockage, the pressure is automatically regulated to prevent damaging the system. The cooling agent plays the vital role of protecting the engine from extreme temperatures, while protecting from rust and corrosion too so it should be flushed periodically, especially when changing cooling system service parts to reduce warranty claims. Meanwhile, the firm has produced a troubleshooting guide which highlights common system faults from white exhaust smoke, rising fuel consumption to unusual noises, in order to find underlying problems.

  • Better than OE? 

    The experts at Meyle have re-engineered control arm bushings for a wide range of makes and models and the latest offering benefits the Mazda 3 and 5 series models. The rugged full rubber mount is designed to outlast the hydro bushing on the OE version and it comes with a four-year warranty. Technical director Sven Nielsen says: "Unlike their OE counterparts, the MEYLE bushings are made from steel and high-grade natural rubber, dispensing with all fluid", Nielsen continues. "The MEYLE-HD bushing is therefore immune to premature failure caused by fluid leakage. To ensure the part offers identical damping capabilities, the forces acting on the components have been calculated using the finite element method (FEM), allowing the MEYLE bushing to provide similar dynamic driving properties as the OE hydro bushing. "

  • Durable bonds 

    The current range of hydro and rubber engine mounts available from Meyle fit more than 25,000 passenger car models and the firm says replacing the mount effectively neutralises vibration for a more comfortable drive. Hydro mounts have a supporting rubber body and small compartments immersed in viscous fluid and the damping characteristic adapts to changing vibration levels. The design is tailored to each vehicle's specific requirements. Rubber mounts are made from an elastomeric material with high load-bearing capacity, designed specifically for each application. The bonding between the rubber and metal compounds enables them to perform reliably under all load conditions.

  • Designed to outlive OE 

    A further ten items join Meyle's HD range of VW Group control arms for the entire fleet of small and mid-size models. The HD parts feature a new design and optimised rubber compound to extend their life - they are designed to substantially outlive OE parts. The design has been reinforced to ensure a long service life and the rubber mounts provide the stiffness needed to withstand load peaks whilst accelerating, braking and cornering but also effectively neutralise vibration. A four-year warranty is provided and full-service repair kits including the required mounting hardware are available.

  • Don't provide a partial repair 

    Vehicle manufacturers will continue to integrate engine systems in the pursuit of smaller, more efficient units which emit fewer and less harmful toxins. This has involved OE specialists such as Dayco developing solutions which bring systems together that traditionally have worked quite separately. An example of this can be seen on the BMW-PSA engine in the BMW Mini. The water pump is only activated when the temperature of the engine needs to be controlled. At start up, or when the engine is below its normal operating temperature, there's no drive to the water pump so the engine warms up quickly with less emissions and lower fuel consumption. At normal temperature, it is engaged by the friction wheel, which receives its drive from the crankshaft pulley. The friction wheel is controlled by the ECU and uses an electric motor and reduction gear to position the friction wheel pulley. Dayco has designed, developed and patented both the single-arm torsion bar tensioner, which replaces the traditional spiral spring tensioner and the motorised friction pulley, which drives the water pump on this engine. A range of 215 water pump kits are provided by Dayco and include an OE water pump along with the usual belt, tensioner and idler combination.


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