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Next generation V30 diagnostic tool

Published:  21 December, 2012

Autoboss UK has announced the release of the next generation of the V30 diagnostic tool, the V30 Elite. This product boasts new hardware for increased speed, reliability, 8GB standard memory and a larger touch screen with improved graphics. The V30 Elite features a 'favourites' option for easier access to the vehicles that are most regularly worked on and has Wi-Fi for easier connection to software updates.

In addition, this product has a 'self-learn' function which is claimed to give the tool an element of intelligence that allows it to understand the correct values for ECU live data parameter when connected to a vehicle - such as voltages air mass meter readings and component status. A comparison function has also been included, to compare learned values against the vehicle being worked on, highlighting values that are out of range.

This tool includes full system coverage of drivetrain, chassis, body, as well as communication system coverage. It also has functions for DPF regenerations, injector programming, parking brake resets, battery replacement procedures, key and remote programming, speed limiter reset/edit and component 'teach in' for use when products such as EGR valves and diesel particulate filters are replaced.

The V30 Elite has coverage of all major European, Asian and American vehicle marques.

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