March test bench

This month's test bench our tester puts the Traction BSU3-125 through it paces, check out the results

Published:  25 February, 2014




I took delivery of the BSU3 unit and initially I was surprised about the size. At 3.5Kgs and the same size as a shoe box, it was larger than I expected but when I considered the power this unit can produce, 125 amps, it isn't unnecessarily big. It is very well made and looks great, the black unit is ideal for the workshop environment and the graphics on the unit are uncomplicated. The unique selling point of the BSU3 is that it has switchable voltage levels, making it ideal for the independent market. Manufacturers specify their systems are maintained at a certain voltage when carrying out diagnostics, software updates etc, so the battery cannot discharge.

"The reason there is no charge function on the BSU3 is because Traction believe that transformer based chargers produce a far superior charge than switch-mode chargers. Conversely, when it comes to battery support, the cleaner the supply, the better it is for the diagnostic process and so a switch mode DC supply is superior to the half-wave rectified DC supply you would get from a transformer based support unit. We would prefer that the customer used the best tool for each rather than compromise for the sake of a spec sheet contest."

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