Compress springs safely

Don't jeopardise your staff with obsolete tooling, says KYB

Published:  24 October, 2013

There are many pressures on garages to invest in the most up to date diagnostic equipment and software. It can be a big decision which is the best one and whether it will be value for money. Sometimes there is so much focus on these big investments that smaller items are often forgotten and some pieces of equipment are so old they are not really capable of doing the job they need to.

A good example of this kind of equipment is the coil spring compressor. Many garages use the vice mounted clamp and jaws style compressor. When most coil springs were simple parallel springs, this would have suited the majority of jobs. However, modern coil springs come in many more shapes and configurations, especially side load (banana) springs, which require more compression. In addition, the extra stress put on the spring during compression can occasionally result in the spring flying off the compressor which can cause serious injury.

KYB recommends that garages invest in a good quality coil spring compressor, especially one with a safety gate across the front. Having the right tools for the job means that the investment cost can be offset by doing the job more quickly and, more importantly, reducing the chance of a work related injury.

There are many spring compressor suppliers in the aftermarket, KYB recommends Sykes Pickavant and Klann as both provide excellent quality and solutions for all types of jobs.

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