12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Audio assistant Dynamo AI speaks up for mechanics

Magnetic Labs announced the launch of Dynamo AI on July 9 — which the company said is the first audio mechanics assistant poised to help garages save time and boost efficiency.

The garage management software firm said mechanics can simply ask Dynamo AI for information on a range of subjects such as availability of parts and the type of product required — receiving real-time answers via a Bluetooth earpiece.

Dynamo is particularly beneficial for busy garages dealing with diverse vehicle types, Magnetic said.

“Instead of interrupting their work to access a computer, mechanics can now get instant information while staying focused on their tasks. This results in less frustration and a more seamless workflow.”

The system also offers features that streamline garage management, including invoice preparation and customer messaging, notifications for job completion and additional work approvals.

Company co-founder Mike Duggan told Aftermarket the firm is in talks with a number of leading UK garage groups to roll out Dynamo and the garage management app WERK8.

“UK garages are ahead of the curve in AI adoption,” Duggan said.

“The pace of change in AI is incredible, and we’ve seen a massive leap in what Dynamo can do in just the last few months. We’re close to offering a genuinely immersive experience — one where you forget you’re not talking to a super smart person who just happens to know the answers to all of your questions.”

Early access to Dynamo AI is available now. Visit https://dynamoai.app to sign up.