25 Feb 2024

Autogem offers TPMS tune-up Sessions

Autogem is running online training sessions in the use of TPMS kit in the wake of a recent customer survey run by the company.

A TPMS State of the Market report was compiled from the final rounds of Autogem’s TPMS Expert competition in June, which revealed some skills gaps which the company is looking to fill through TPMS tune-up Sessions.

Autogem’s Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “We spent a great deal time undertaking our TPMS State of the Market study to understand where our customers were excelling and where they still require support. These TPMS tune-up Sessions are tailored to meet their needs and plug any gaps in knowledge that they currently have. Our TPMS tune-up sessions are one of a number of ways we engage with our customers to provide valuable insight and expertise and we hope that they prove to be of real benefit.”

The online clinics will take place on Wednesday 25 January and Wednesday 26 April, both at 2:30pm. Registration is already open at: www.autogem.co.uk/tpms-sales-tune-up