12 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Autotech Recruit teams up with ZF Aftermarket

Autotech Recruit has teamed up with ZF Aftermarket Technical Training in order to provide access to in-depth, technical courses. Courses will cover transmission systems, steering, suspension, driveline components and on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Autotech Recruit Managing Director Gavin White commented: “Garages are under pressure from rapid advances in technology, and, while we still need to focus on bringing in new talent, it is essential that the current workforce is trained sufficiently. Through our close connections with the industry, we recognise the exact needs of both garage owners and vehicle technicians today and it has become increasingly apparent that we need to provide training on specific vehicle components to give technicians a greater level of understanding. We need to build a fix first time mentality.”

Mandla Ndhlovu, Head of Training at Autotech Recruit, added: “I am excited by the partnership with ZF Aftermarket Technical Training, which will enable us to offer this high quality of training the automotive industry desperately needs. It will give garages an opportunity to equip their technicians with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to be able to successfully maintain and repair the vehicles of today and the more technologically advanced vehicles of the future.”

For further information email training@autotechrecruit.co.uk or call 01234 240 503.