05 Mar 2024

Autotech Training takes the high road for Shetlands Council

Autotech Training recently sent its Business Development Director Dave Walker on a 1,600 mile round-trip to the Shetland Islands in a Autotech Training branded hybrid vehicle to help the Shetland Islands Council upskill its technicians for EVs to enable the the authority to progressively electrify its fleets of 320 vehicles.

Dave took the council’s team of eight mechanics through IMI Levels 2 and 3 electric and hybrid vehicle training over the course of four days at the its Lerwick workshop. Without his hard work, electric vehicles run by the council would have to be sent to Aberdeen for routine maintenance and repair work –a 24 hour round trip.

Raymond Murchison, acting Team Leader of Fleet for Shetland Islands Council said: “ “We have been delighted with the entire process. The electric vehicles we currently have include both cars and vans for the support we offer our care centres. Autotech Training have not only gone above and beyond to deliver electric vehicle training to our technicians, but they also tailored the approach and demonstrated the learning on our own range of electric vehicles offering them hands on experience. As a result, our technicians now have the skill set to safely maintain our fleet as the number of electric vehicles within it increases – I cannot recommend Autotech Training enough.”

Colin Gleghorn, Managing Director of Autotech Training, added: “Above all, we understand the challenges our customers face. From the downtime and cost to the business as a result of sending essential staff out for even just one day’s training, to the overall investment in travel and accommodation expenses.”