13 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Battery support importance highlighted by AJ Automedics

A Durham-based Autocare network member is looking to point out the benefits of proper battery support during diagnostic processes.

AJ Automedics serves customers from across North East of England, with others travelling in from as far away as the continent.

One of the keys factors in the diagnostic process is battery support, as AJ Automedics owner James Colling noted: “Diagnostic tests and reprogramming procedures can put a strain on the battery, especially if they require extended periods of time. By connecting a reliable battery support unit, it helps maintain a consistent power supply and prevents the battery from displaying ghost faults, and being drained in the process.”

At the end of last year the business bought a CTEK PRO25SE, capable of delivering up to 25A of battery support power in the workshop, along with fully automatic 8-step charging and maintenance, and 6M cable for maximum flexibility. This was a step up from the older alternative device that had been used in the workshop.

James continued: “It is a safety net for the workshop. If the battery is faulty then there is an opportunity to talk to the customer and either recharge the battery, or replace it with a new one.”

He concluded:  It is added value to the customer if the workshop can give the tips and advice that will extend the life of the battery, and of course it is good business for the workshop to be able to make a charge for this value added service.

For more information about the PRO25SE, visit:  www.ctek.com/uk/battery-chargers-12v-24v/vehicle-type/pro25se-uk