18 May 2024
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Ben adds new award to Top Garage 2023

A new workplace award is being added to Top Garage for 2023, in association with Ben.

The Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award will be judged through Ben’s Health and Wellbeing assessment framework. Garages in the competition will initially be asked to undertake a self-assessment. Those who make it to the Top Garage final will then face a panel with whom they can discuss their responses.

Commenting on the addition of the component, Ellen Plumer, Head of Outreach, Health and Wellbeing at Ben said: “Whilst health and wellbeing covers more than the legal requirements to protect employees, it is important to acknowledge that employers do have a duty to be compliant with the Health & Safety Executive to maintain physical and psychological safety in the workplace.

“By evaluating a business’s over-arching practices and culture towards the management and health and wellbeing of their staff, adding this award will identify the automotive employers that are working hard to create and maintain a positive and supportive workplace.”

While now a key part of Top Garage, all businesses in the sector will additionally be offered the chance to undertake the module through Ben. The Workplace Health and Wellbeing Award will also become part of Top Technician as well at a later date.

For more information, visit: https://forms.gle/rC9gBDk5EhUgNx8a6