17 Jul 2024
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Bosch Brakes: Your ultimate safety companion – Here’s why

Safety is in our DNA

Bosch has been a pioneer in developing important life-saving brake technologies since 1927, setting new industry standards with ABS and ESP®.

Did you know?

  • Up to 80% skid-related accidents could be avoided with ESP®, according to studies.
  • 260.000 accidents were prevented in Europe thanks to ESP® between 1995 and 2015.
  • Lifesavers Studies show that technologies from Bosch Active Safety, such as the Antilock Braking System ABS, ESP® and emergency braking system, saves lives.

Expert knowledge and know-how

Specialist industry knowledge straight from Original Equipment (OE) manufacturers is applied to the Aftermarket business, resulting in OE-like products for maximum safety!


Bosch Brakes are born safe
Through quality controls and testing we ensure our brakes our born safe:

  • R&D and Production: Bosch conducts research and development in its own laboratories in Germany, manufacturing and ensuring the consistency and quality of its products.
  • Testing: Bosch tests its parts in extreme conditions in its laboratories and in outdoor testing grounds to go beyond real-life conditions.
  • Quality tracking: Bosch continues to track and improve each product over its lifetime.

Components from the pedal to the wheel
Expertise in the entire braking system with one complete portfolio offer.

Voted the best braking brand
Bosch was voted the best braking brand by drivers: If they are confident, so can you be! Partner with us to experience why we are voted the best brand by drivers!

The Best Brand award is an award given to Bosch in various categories
Bosch has been voted for and awarded by the readers of the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Safety ensured for your future
Bosch has a constant focus on developing the future of braking, meeting future Government regulations, and preparing for the electrification of the Automotive Industry. Futureproofing our products for your garage.

Always stay up-to-date on Safety with Bosch Brakes
Bosch offers various trainings and brake service procedures. Keeping your technicians up to date on the latest developments and tips and tricks from troubleshooting to drum brakes and brake discs.

Bosch is your all-in-one provider for safety: parts, diagnostics, and workshop services
Bosch’s Aftermarket portfolio includes high-quality components, modern diagnostics, service and repair workshop equipment, a technical hotline and dedicated training offers. Allowing workshops to work easily and efficiently on each of their services.