12 Jul 2024
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Bosch – Service and repair tips: Brake discs

As a strong partner with extensive expertise in brakes, we offer your workshop everything you need for the efficient maintenance and repair of brake systems: first-class products, reliable service offerings and efficient diagnostic technology.

Scoring or grooves on the friction surface
◾ Dirt particles on brake disc and pad
◾ Brake noise
◾ Rubbing effect during braking
◾ Reduced braking performance
◾ When changing the brake discs, always change the brake pads as well

Uneven wear
◾ Uneven function of the brake caliper
◾ Run-out of the brake disc
◾ Poor and/or irregular braking performance
◾ Vibration in the steering wheel
◾ Pulsing effect in the brake pedal
◾ Check the brake caliper and wheel hub when installing new brake discs

Blue surface discoloration
◾ Overheating due to jammed or seized brake pads
◾ Vehicle driven with activated or seized parking brake
◾ Brake caliper piston is sticking
◾ Rubbing effect during braking
◾ Overheating
◾ Check the entire brake system
◾ Ensure that the brake caliper is functioning properly

Indentations on the contact surface
◾ Improper cleaning of the contact surfaces
◾ Damage to the contact surfaces through contamination
◾ Distortion of the wheel hub
◾ Increased lateral run-out of the brake discs
◾ Chattering and rubbing effects
◾ Clean the contact surface of the brake disc and the
wheel hub before mounting new brake discs
◾ Do not use paste lubricants (copper paste, etc.)

Corroded friction area
◾ Impact of corrosive substances (e.g. road salt, cleaning agents)
◾ Damage through water or lack of use-low demand on the brakes
◾ Noise during braking
◾ Irregular braking performance
◾ Replace brake discs and pads
◾ Instruct the customer to occasionally stress the brakes by applying pressure appropriately (bed in the brakes)

Count on Bosch:
◾ High vehicle coverage: over 95%
◾ Matching solutions for all current vehicles
◾ Comprehensive OEM expertise
◾ Precise fit and easy assembly
◾ Reliable and fast delivery service

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