28 Feb 2024

Car crash rear ends down 27% in 2020

Vehicle rear-end collisions fell by 27% in 2020, according to analysis by AX, while ‘Hit while parked’ became the most common type of collision, accounting for nearly a third of the total.  

Top five types of accident  

1. Hit while parked                                    30.3%

2. Hit in rear                                            24.7%

3. Third party pulled from side road            9.2%

4. Third party reversed into client’s vehicle 7.6%

5. Lane change                                        5.6%

The pandemic also impacted when collisions have occurred. Usually, rush-hour between 5pm and 6pm sees the highest accident rate, but in 2020 the peak shifted to the school run between 3pm and 4pm.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Director of Sales and Operations at AX, said “It’s fascinating to see how the pandemic has impacted how and when collisions occur. For instance, our data shows a definite shift of incidents to early and mid-afternoon from the typical morning rush hour.  

“Ordinarily, our data would show that November to March is when the greatest number of accidents occur – when the days are shorter, there’s more rainfall and, at times, wintery conditions can make the roads treacherous.

 “However, the result of two national lockdowns, in addition to a change in vehicle congestion levels during this period, means our data will paint a very different picture this winter.”  

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