15 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Cost of living: Fuel additive demand rising?

Fuel additives and engine treatments may be growing in popularity due to both mechanics and motorists turn to preventative measures to cut repair costs, according to Fueltone Pro.

Fueltone Pro Chairman Robbie Gray commented: “During the cost-of-living crisis we’re seeing heightened demand for our engine flush product line, as garages and mechanics seek to further assist motorists with avoiding issues with their vehicle. Costs associated with vehicle repairs are at an unprecedented level with the entire aftermarket industry under inflationary pressures, but carrying out an engine flush treatment can be a cost saver in the longer term as a futureproofing method.”

Fueltone Pro’s oil-based engine flush sits alongside its range of petrol and diesel additives, diesel particulate filter treatments and diesel system primers.

For more information, visit: https://fueltone.pro/