15 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Delphi Academy launches Tesla e-learning module

Delphi Technologies has released a new 10-part Tesla e-learning module on Delphi Academy that coincides with the release of Tesla Model S and Model X coverage on Delphi’s BlueTech VCI diagnostic tool,

Delphi European Workshop Solutions Manager Philip Mitchell observed: “Everything is a little bit different when it comes to Tesla, but garages needn’t turn away these cars, they just need to understand how they’re different – that’s why we’ve released this new Tesla module. The new e-learning course includes step-by-step video guidance, walking technicians through what can otherwise be a frustrating and time-consuming diagnostic process.”

Those who successfully complete the module at 70% or higher receive a Delphi certificate and IMI CPD.

Philip said: “We’re really excited to be producing brand-specific training. For us it’s about providing an end-to-end solution for workshops including parts, diagnostic capabilities and training to help independent garages unlock the latest technologies for the newest models.”

The next brand-specific training course will cover PSA Group diagnostics.

For more information, visit: https://academyuk.delphiautoparts.com/#/public-dashboard