25 Feb 2024

Delphi publishes Training Prospectus 2.0

Delphi has published its latest training prospectus. The 66-page directory covers courses available at the company’s training centre in Warwickshire, as well as content available via the Delphi Academy e-learning suite.

Luke Garratt, UK and Nordics Technical Services Manager at Delphi, commented: “We fully embrace the blended training approach as it’s proven to improve knowledge retention. We believe Delphi offers the most advanced and comprehensive learning experience available through online videos, webinars, interactive simulations, workshop courses and more.”

He continued: “Our case studies show that continuous learning not only helps technicians stay motivated, it can also enhance job satisfaction, leading to higher rates of productivity and staff retention.

“Detailed options are given for popular courses on Hybrid and Electric vehicles, running from Level 1 right through to Level 4, whilst courses on hydrogen appear for the first time too. IMI Accreditation and Delphi TechSafe CPD solutions are highlighted, encouraging garages to pursue these industry-recognised qualifications and prove the expertise needed to work safely with high-voltage electrical systems. Information is included on Delphi’s BlueTech diagnostics platform, as well as the fast-growing Masters of Motion hub, which launched at the start of the year to offer garages free how-to videos and job-useful information.”

For more information, visit: www.delphiautoparts.com/en-gb/workshop-solutions/delphi-academy/training-academy-courses