22 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Ecobat Battery launches 2024 catalogue

Ecobat Battery has launched its 2024 product catalogue, and according to Commercial Director Paul Payne, it is the company’s most comprehensive yet: “Helping our wide range of customers to increase their battery sales opportunities has always been our mantra, and even the briefest of glances at this new catalogue is enough to demonstrate that those opportunities are expanding, with lithium based solutions from EcoFlow and PylonTech, for leisure, off-grid living and energy storage, and Rolls and US Battery for industrial applications, as just a few examples.

“Factor in the growing number of charging options, whether for commercial operations or from harvesting solar energy, and it’s obvious where the future is leading, and as it has done for so many years, Ecobat Battery is here to help its customers on that journey.”


For more information, visit: www.ecobatbattery.com