15 Apr 2024

GSF welcomes scores of new London staff as Capital masterplan unfolds

GSF Car parts has recruited more than 60 new staff at branch level for its sites across Greater London as it continues to boost its presence in the capital, and to welcome the new team members

CEO Steve Horne and the GSF leadership team hosted a welcome meal, taking over a popular restaurant in Harrow in the process.

Steve said: “There’s such a buzz at GSF now and it feels like the shackles are off for our people. They’re committed to going hell for leather because they know we’ll have fun along the way and they’ll get rewarded for our success. People can see this is a company that’s going places and I’m really excited to see the calibre of staff we’re bringing on board.

GSF opened the first of its new London branches in Wembley on 4 March and another north London site will follow in mid-March with Park Royal taking the total to 16.  More are already on the drawing board.

Chief Talent Officer Martin Gray added: “We are humbled to see so many of our industry’s most talented people, many with over 20 years’ service with our competitors, joining us over recent weeks. 

“The feedback from all new hires is consistent: They feel our competition have little to no personality or passion and sense of fun. They feel increasingly shackled in bureaucracy and are losing their sense of purpose, which they, like us, believe should be putting our IMT customer front and centre in everything we do; anything else is just ‘noise’ and distraction.

“I am repeatedly told it’s like coming home and they feel empowered, invigorated and valued with the power, backing and remit to challenge the status quo, to do ‘whatever it takes’ to deliver our customers what they really want and not what the company thinks they want, which is a subtle, but crucial, difference. They’re loving it and so are we. Buckle up – this is just the beginning.”