12 Jul 2024
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GSO helps family garage steer into business fast lane

Court Autos, a family-run Bosch garage in Shropshire, revealed yesterday how changing its approach to the work it attracts through its website has changed the garage’s whole mindset and the way it does business.

Harry Alford, who works in the Telford business with his brother and sister, are the third generation of Alfords to be at the helm after their grandad opened the doors to the firm nearly 40 years ago.

Prior to getting a website that ‘actually worked’, Harry said the team were often starting their day at 4am, or working late into the evening, because they didn’t want to let customers down.

“To continue grandad’s legacy, I knew we had to really push the business forward.

“Marketing was something we’d never invested in, apart from an old website years ago. It looked okay on the surface but might as well have been in another world; nobody could find it.”

‘Spark of change’

But a call to Garage Services Online (GSO) about creating a new website sparked a change that not only reduced the number of hours we work — it changed the family’s whole way of thinking, Harry said.

“Now, we have a clever website that attracts the work we specifically want. By changing the profile of jobs coming in, we’re running the business — it’s not running us!”

The garage offers servicing and repairs, accident recovery and vehicle sales, but Harry really wanted to grow its bodyshop services. He asked the GSO team to create a website that would drive growth for the bodyshop side, as well as be found for its regular most profitable everyday jobs.

“It wasn’t long before the website caught us the biggest fish: a £12k repair job for a motorhome that had been in a collision,” Harry said. “We’d never had a job that big.

“It signalled the start of the change. Just last week, we picked up ongoing servicing and repair work for a local company’s van fleet.


“We 100% would not have been on their radar if we didn’t have a website that reflected the professionalism of our business online as it is on the ground.”

GSO managing director Jim Lang said Court Autos’ website has seen a 63% increase in organic appearances on Google in the last six months alone. That has led to an 89% increase in organic click-throughs.

“We’re continuing to help Harry by adding more pages to attract work that gives a quick ROI on his investment in new tools. These tools are necessary to work on the changing car parc and it’s vital the website evolves and reflects that.”

To visit Court Autos’ website, click here. To find out how a website can change your businesses can click here.