22 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Heed the call! DENSO bangs the drum for League of True Mechanics competition

DENSO is continuing to encourage technicians to take part in its League of True Mechanics (LOTM) competition, with the chance of being named as a regional champion, with prizes on the table too.

DENSO Europe Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager Fatiha Laauich commented: “The pan-European LOTM competition not only rewards the top technicians in their own regions with a selection of prizes, which in the UK includes a £250 and then a £500 Red Letter Day experience for the third and second placed finishers and a fantastic European Grand Prix experience for two, for the winner, but also culminates with an overall champion across all the regions, who will receive a prize worth €2,000.”

Fatiha continued: “This year, the four courses that provide the content for the competition include an air conditioning compressors module, another on the basic steps of air conditioning servicing, plus a focus on cabin air filters, with the fourth on PowerEdge wiper blades.”

The competition merges training and online learning with assessments, through which they have the win DENSO coins, awarded via a mini quiz within the modules and final exam at the end.

To register to take part in the LOTM competition, visit: www.denso-technic.com/en