25 May 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

House of Lords EV adoption inquiry: “Incentivising a robust UK EV market is vital” says IMI

Commenting on the recent House of Lords inquiry into electric vehicle adoption, Hayley Pells, Policy and Public Affairs Lead at the IMI, said: “The IMI fully supports the UK government’s ambition to transition to zero emission vehicles. This new inquiry, with its focus on understanding the barriers, costs, and benefits of transitioning by the 2030 and 2035 phase-out dates, is timely and essential.

“We are particularly pleased to see that the Environment and Climate Change Committee, led by Baroness Parminter, recognise the importance of seeking input from the automotive sector itself, as well as motorists. With our unique insights across the automotive sector, the IMI is committed to contribute to the inquiry. We stand ready to work alongside the government, our members, and the wider industry to achieve a seamless transition to electric vehicles.”

Commenting on the importance of the government’s approach, Hayley said: “Incentivising a robust UK EV market is vital. The phase-out dates are aggressive but achievable with a collective effort, industry partnerships, and clarity in policy. The development of a clear roadmap, complete with key dates and timelines, will aid all stakeholders in preparing for the transition.”

On the EV market, she said: “The variety of EV options, affordability, and accessibility play a crucial role in consumer adoption. We advocate for initiatives that increase public awareness about the benefits and practicalities of EV ownership.”

Moving onto the user experience, she said: “Charging infrastructure, standardisation, and dealer preparedness are pivotal. We aim to work closely with our members and stakeholders to ensure that the aftersales network is equipped to support the surge of EVs on our roads.”

On End of Life disposal of EVs, she added: “Developing sustainable solutions for battery disposal and recycling is paramount. As an industry, we must consider the entire lifecycle of EVs.”