21 Jun 2024
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Hydraulic bearing for Jeep from Centreforce

Centerforce has released a internal hydraulic bearing for the manual versions of the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. This new hydraulic bearing is engineered to resolve bearing rattle issues sometimes found with these vehicles, while also offering what the company describes as improved pedal feel and overall durability through simplification of the clutch’s release mechanism. It also features a wider range of travel as well as steel braided lines with heat shielding. The Centerforce II and Dual Friction clutch kits now include the new internal hydraulic bearing. These offer a one-piece billet steel high inertia flywheel, a Centerforce II or Dual Friction clutch disc and pressure plate, bolts, an alignment tool, a new master cylinder, a braided steel hydraulic line with a dry quick-disconnect fitting and a hydraulic throwout bearing. The JL and JT internal hydraulic bearing package is also available as a stand-alone system. Centerforce also offers an external hydraulic bearing option in its Centerforce II and Dual Friction kits.