05 Mar 2024

IAAF Garage Section launches with 1,500 garages

In a move intended to strengthen cross-industry bonds, the IAAF has thrown the doors open on its new garage section, officially launching with 1,500 new garages, a move the organisation says will boost its lobbying ability and has led to the widening of the support options on offer.

Plans for the new section were announced at the IAAF Annual Conference in December last year, and since then, the Federation has seen a 94% conversion rate across all garages it has contacted about membership.

Commenting on the move, IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field said: “It’s important we support garages on the issues that matter to them, their business, and their employees, and this only happens through proactive dialogue and the IAAF listening to what garages need. The Federation has been very adept over its 92-year history at not only focusing on the future but supporting members in the here and now.

“Independent garages are facing incredible cost pressures across all areas of their business and we have a mandate from our membership to broaden our voice and offer expertise and support to ensure we as an industry are more connected and engaged in key matters.”

The opening of the IAAF Garage Section follows the announcement of the IAAF Academy.
Mark added: “Bringing in new people into the industry is a key focus for the Federation at all levels of the supply chain, with the Academy’s aims not only to inspire the next generation of talent but also to upskill the current workforce.”

The IAAF will also be hosting the Automechanika Birmingham Garage Awards at the Hilton Metropole NEC on Wednesday 7 June. The event is headline sponsored by LKQ Euro Car Parts.

For nominations, visit: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IAAFAwards