28 Feb 2024

It’s all Greek to me: Survey unrolls EV range anxiety map of Europe

EV drivers in Greece experience the highest level of range anxiety in western Europe, according to new research.

The study by StressFreeCarRental.com used the frequency of EV chargers on the growing Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) plus the cost of running diesel and electric vehicles to make their comparison. The TEN-T is a planned network of roads, railways, airports and water infrastructure in the European Union. The core network has a completion target of 2030.

Because Greece has no combined charging system (CCS) chargers on its segment of the TEN-T, drivers are more likely to be stranded if they run out of power. Drivers in Italy and Belgium also experience higher levels of range anxiety, due to higher electricity prices, as well as a paucity of fast chargers. According to figures from Statista Italy only has 2.3 chargers per 100km of the TEN-T network, while Spain can only boast 2.4 over the same distance. They are followed by Luxembourg with 2.5 and Portugal with just 2.9 chargers per 100km.

Conversely, UK drivers have access to 19.7 CCS chargers per 100kms, followed by Holland with 17.2 and Germany with 14.4.

Looking at the cost of EV charging, it costs around €2.40 to travel 100km in Sweden and Holland. Meanwhile, EV enthusiasts in Germany must pay €4.65 to travel 100km, the highest in Europe, with Denmark came second at €4.35. Belgium is third at €3.90 and the UK is fourth at €3.60.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental.com said: “There are some fascinating results which demonstrate which countries have more chargers on main routes and lower fuel and electric costs compared to others. It is a changing picture as economics and infrastructure evolves with time, but demonstrates the importance of planning your journey in advance, whether for business or pleasure.”

For the full results visit: www.stressfreecarrental.com/en/electric-car-range-anxiety