15 Jun 2024
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JLR DPF issues lead to multi-billion pound class action

DPF problems experienced by owners of a number of Jaguar and Land Rover models have led to a group action against manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover being brought to the High Court of England and Wales, with £3 billion in damages being sought.

According to the claim, models including the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar E-Pace have defective DPFs that JLR currently cannot fix, and that these cars regularly go into limp mode as a result. The claim also suggests these defects led to accelerated engine wear forcing owners to pay for additional servicing, in some cases requiring engine replacement.

James Oldnall, Managing Partner at Milberg and lead litigator on the claim says: “We’ve learned that certain models are overly prone to issues with DPF. UK drivers will be used to seeing DPF warning lights on their dashboard. This is because the DPF systems installed by Jaguar Land Rover were not fit for purpose. Customers are being required to service their vehicles more frequently and their engines are at risk of accelerated wear. We are aware of some customers who have even experienced their vehicles switching into Limp Home Mod”, which, at best is inconvenient, at worst dangerous. Yet, Jaguar Land Rover has been happy to continue to sell these cars without disclosing the challenges drivers will meet if they buy one of the affected vehicles.”

“We want to seek redress for those who have not only been misled by Jaguar Land Rover, but have been put at risk by the company not admitting affected car models have defective components including faulty exhaust filters.”
According to the law firm, over 500,000 new car owners may be eligible to make a claim, and thousands more used car owners may also have claims. If the case is successful, claimants could receive between £3,000 – £16,000 each in compensation. Jaguar Land Rover is facing a similar case in Australia which is ongoing.