13 Jul 2024
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Klarius support student racing team with exhaust

Klarius recently joined forces with Staffordshire University to provide a specially designed exhaust system for its Formula Student team’s latest racing car.

With this in place, the Staffordshire University team will be able to make the grid at Silverstone on 22 July to take part in 2023’s Formula Student event, with a view to winning back their 2021 champions title.

130 university teams from over 30 countries compete in Formula Student, with each developing building and running a single-seater race car.

As well as producing road car exhaust systems, Klarius helps grassroots motorsport via short production runs.

Joe Grimer, Team Leader at Staffordshire University Racing, commented: “For this year’s car we wanted to improve packaging and reduce weight compared to our previous entry ‘Bertha’. A key development path was adopting side-mounted radiators, and accommodating this meant we needed a new exhaust design. Due to its support for us in the past and its local manufacturing expertise, we asked Klarius to help.”

Jayson Prince, a member of the race team and Project Engineer at Klarius, designed the exhaust. He said: “The exhaust manifold is a critical area for performance gain. Pipes must enable a smooth, high velocity flow of exhaust gases from the engine, which is a considerable challenge within the confines of a well packaged race car. In our case, this was further complicated by the car’s high-revving 675cc bike engine, all of which would inherently require a bespoke solution.”

Doug Bentley, Head of Research and Development at Klarius and a former Staffordshire University engineering student, added: “We are proud to support young engineers with our expertise. The fact that Formula Student helps the industry is very apparent, as shown by Jayson of the Staffordshire Uni Racing team joining our company on a working placement. From everyone at Klarius, we wish the team all the best of luck at Silverstone.”