05 Mar 2024

Kwik Fit joins IAAF

Kwik Fit has joined the IAAF. According to Kwik Fit Head of Development (Service, Maintenance and Repair) Ben Boot, the company intends to taka proactive role within the Federation on lobbying and campaign issues, including around the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order (MV-BEO), access to repair and maintenance information (RMI) and MOT testing.

He said: “IAAF has proven an excellent partner in informing and educating industry personnel on the latest issues and legalisation affecting automotive businesses. It’s essential at this pivotal time that we unite as an industry and actively support the federation’s message. Membership of IAAF also bring us closer to our suppliers and this will only serve to benefit the millions of Kwik Fit customers throughout the UK.”

IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field added: “We’ve been working closely with Kwik Fit and I’m delighted that they have become part of the IAAF membership. The federation has very ambitious plans to develop and their membership will be crucial to our wider member engagement, development of people in the industry and, Right to Repair campaign, aimed at ensuring choice and affordable motoring for millions of motorists.”

For more information, visit: www.iaaf.co.uk