12 Jul 2024
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MAHLE eyes e-mobility future as aftermarket sales hit £1bn

The future belongs to e-mobility but combustion engines will be a key feature in the global auto markets for years to come, MAHLE’s aftermarket chief said yesterday.

Philipp Grosse Kleimann, a MAHLE management committee member and head of the aftermarket business, was speaking as the unit reported record sales of nearly €1.3 billion (£1bn) in 2023.

“The future clearly belongs to e-mobility — both on the road and in the workshop. Still, combustion engines will continue to play an important role in many parts of the world for some time to come,” he said.

“By using renewable fuels, these engines can have a quick and sustainable impact on climate protection.”

MAHLE said its BatteryPRO product line and five product groups — E-Safety, E-Scan, E-Health, E-Care and E-Charge — is already offering independent workshops a range of EV services.

‘New generation’

Georges Mourad, MAHLE Aftermarket’s global service solutions director, said: “Battery service is becoming increasingly important. BatteryPRO’s newly developed products are the beginning of a new generation of diagnostic and service solutions for EV, covering the entire life cycle from diagnosis to maintenance.”

Mourad said the products monitor the safety of high-voltage and 12V batteries, display error codes, assist in draining and refilling the battery cooling circuit and identify possible leaks.

However, he said important for MAHLE throughout this process was the development of devices that are easy to use and effective.

Meanwhile, the group’s latest E-Health Charge product, launched last April, helps workshops check the status and remaining performance level of high-voltage electric car batteries.

“With E-Health Charge, buyers can quickly and easily determine the performance of batteries installed in used EVs during, for example, a test drive in a workshop. This reduces the danger of them driving off the lot with a ‘lemon’ of a car,” Mourad said.