05 Mar 2024

MOT consultation: Trade body double-team grills DfT

The IGA and the Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) teamed up in a meeting with the Department for Transport (DfT) and DVSA recently to thrash out the issues covered in the currently ongoing MOT Consultation.

Topics covered beyond the main areas such as the proposed move away from 3-1-1, included a querying of the six-week duration of the consultation period, which the bodies said was should have been at least three months. The government bodies did say consultation responses submitted after the closing date on 28 February 2023 would still be considered.

IGA Chief Executive Stuart James commented: “We appreciate the DfT being open about many of the questions raised and understand that cost implications for consumers and advances in vehicle technology are the main drivers behind this consultation. However, the UK’s roads are amongst the safest in the world, and we would like to believe that the Government would not make decisions that would cause any increase in road casualties.

He added: “We believe it may have been more appropriate to break the consultation down into smaller subject areas to ensure that road safety will not be impacted by any of the many changes being considered. We will be working non-stop to ensure that road safety and the public are protected as the consultation progresses.”