21 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Motor factor commends Autoelectro returns policy

Autelectro’s way of doing business has been praised by one of its long-term motor factor customers. According to Matthew Pope, Business Development Director at Yorkshire-based YMF Car Parts, among Autoelectro’s many positive aspects, it is the returns policy that really helps in the ongoing relationship. He said: “Recently, it took me just three minutes to start and complete the returns process, opposed to some suppliers that I’ve dealt with in the past where it’s taken me hours, toing and froing, before reaching a solution.”

He continued: “There have been scenarios where I’ve ordered an alternator and the part has been delivered the following morning; however, at the last moment, I’ve been informed by the workshop customer that they no longer need the part – they’ve misdiagnosed the problem on the vehicle. This has the potential to be a tricky situation because the customer doesn’t want me to say: “You can’t send the part back – you ordered it!” Instead, they want me to say: “No problem at all, we’ll take it back. Autoelectro is just as focused as we are in guaranteeing the happiness of the customer and offering a solution. It’s not about us either; it’s about the customer and what’s easiest for them. If we don’t apply that philosophy to our day-to-day work, customers will find somewhere else and, potentially, a different supplier too.”

Matthew has been with YMF for three decades now, with one of his main responsibilities is assessing and improving customer service in YMF’s half-dozen branches. This means he has been working with the team at Autoelectro for many years, and he has worked with Autoelectro UK Sales Manager Nick Hood, for 10 years. Commenting on this working relationship, he said: “We immediately clicked; He’s someone that got to know our day-to-day business and is always approachable if we have a query – we’re on the same wavelength, and we’re delighted to be working with someone and a company with our mentality.”

For more information, visit: www.ymfcarparts.co.uk/car-alternators-starter-motors/