05 Mar 2024

New demo video from Supertracker

Supertracker has released a step-by-step video guide for its range of cordless STR1 laser aligners

The video shws how to set up the laser aligner on any four-post platform lift, platform scissor lift, on a level surface, over a pit or on 2-Post lifts using Supertracker alignment tables.

Commenting on the video, Managing Director Andrew Bates said: “Thousands of workshops in the UK use and rely on Supertracker tools every day. Many franchise dealers, and fast fit operations use Supertracker in their workshops because they are cost-effective, robust, reliable, and quick and easy to use. We support our products with an onsite calibration and repair service. Spending tens of thousands of pounds on alignment equipment is not the only option for workshops. Supertracker alignment systems may be a gateway product into wheel alignment, but for the user they offer impressive income for a relatively small investment.

To view on the Supertracker YouTube Channel, visit: https://youtu.be/Czp0JFdpBYs

To view on Supertracker’s website, go to: www.supertracker.com/news/the-new-str1-laser-wheel-alignment-video-demonstration