No overdue fees: Aftermarket opens digital library

Published:  23 April, 2020

 For technicians looking for reading matter in lockdown, Aftermarket magazine has made almost half a decade’s worth of previous editions available on its website.

TPS donates thousands of protective covers to NHS staff

Published:  23 April, 2020

TPS has delivered thousands of car safety covers to NHS front line workers to protect them from COVID-19 as they do their rounds in the local community.
TPS has been delivering car seat covers to NHS staff through its 82 UK centres,  including community workers and ambulance crew.
One such drop from the Yorkshire centres saw car seat covers delivered to Yorkshire Ambulance service. Staff there showed their appreciation with a Facebook post stating: “Many thanks from us at Yorkshire Ambulance Service for your kind donation. It’s very much appreciated by the service.”
Alongside the car seat covers donation, TPS has also been ‘doing its bit’ during the COVID-19 crisis by prioritising customers such as Blue Light, AA Patrols, government agency and their key worker support vehicles.
TPS has also implemented new measures to protect its staff and customers which include closing the front counters at its centres and introducing contact free deliveries.

Nightingale hospitals running on GS Yuasa batteries

Published:  22 April, 2020

GS Yuasa is contributing to the fight against Coronavirus by supplying power to the NHS Nightingale hospitals and other key medical projects.

IMI receives strong online CPD response

Published:  21 April, 2020

 Free online CPD courses launched by the IMI in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown have proved popular, with more than 200 signing up within the first 24 hours of operation.

Vehicle ownership in the UK passes 40 million

Published:  21 April, 2020

While COVID-19 has pressed the pause button on new car sales, it turns out that the number of cars already on the roads offers garages a bigger market than ever before, with number of vehicles on UK roads exceeding 40 million for the first time.

Vehicle sanitiser kit brought to market by WAI

Published:  20 April, 2020

With Coronavirus in mind, WAI has brought a new non-corrosive vehicle disinfectant cleaner.

Covid-19 Pre-MOT safety check launched

Published:  20 April, 2020

A Covid-19 pre-MOT car safety check has been launched by B2C price comparison website BookMyGarage, intended to help address a predicted surge in dangerous vehicles on the road as a result of the six-month MOT exemption

Furlough funds go live

Published:  20 April, 2020

The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme went live this morning (Monday 20 April), meaning garages will now be able to access support to put staff on furlough.   Through the programme, businesses are able to access funds to cover 80% of an employee’s salary up to a maximum of £2,500 a month. The scheme, announced in March, is currently set to run until the end of June.

Garages to benefit from furlough scheme extension

Published:  18 April, 2020

Garages that have shut their doors due to COVID-19 will be able to access funding to pay staff for an additional month, following the government’s extension to the furlough deadline.

Garages to face ongoing lockdown

Published:  17 April, 2020

 Garages and other businesses in the aftermarket are confirmed to face ongoing disruption, following the government’s announcement of a further three weeks of lockdown to as part of the fight against COVID-19.

Coronavirus causes 60% of garages to close

Published:  16 April, 2020

More than 60% of garages in the UK could have shut their doors since the COVID-19 lockdown began, a survey suggests.

Stop MOT discounting to help in COVID-19 recovery garages urged

Published:  16 April, 2020

Garages should stop the practice of discounting MOTs, in order to help recoup revenue being lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the IGA.
Stuart James, IGA Chief Executive said: “Independent garages have faced a sudden, drastic decline in business due to the DVSA’s MOT extension and Government instructions to stay at home.
“Provision of the MOT service is critical to the safety of UK road users, but many garages feel the need to discount MOTs to remain competitive, leaving them struggling to cover their hourly business costs. The industry cannot afford to continue providing MOT tests as a loss-making service going forward.
The time is right for garages to stand united by charging the DVSA’s recommended price of £54.85 for a MOT test. This will help independent garages to remain open, recoup recent losses, and allow them to carry out their vital roles keeping the UK’s vehicles running safely.”
The IGA is supporting independent garages through the coronavirus pandemic with advice and resources, which can be found at

HELLA reassures during COVID-19

Published:  14 April, 2020

HELLA is reassuring customers that it’s business as usual for them throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

VLS concludes 5W-30 investigation

Published:  14 April, 2020

VLS has announced the outcome of case VLS010163, a complaint against Gulf Formula CX 5W-30 Engine Oil. The product is now in compliance and the case is closed.

‘Business as usual’ at NGK

Published:  09 April, 2020

NGK is continuing to supply customers with its products during the current coronavirus epidemic.

Sector PR/marketing specialists Chicane sourcing safety clothing

Published:  09 April, 2020

Automotive PR and marketing specialists Chicane has stepped up to help support industry by offering face masks and other specialist safety clothing.

IMI launches dedicated COVID-19 hub

Published:  07 April, 2020

The IMI has created a dedicated COVID-19 online resource hub, where automotive industry professionals can find useful information about the outbreak and its impact that is pertinent to them.

Coronavirus: Klarius, Ring Carnation and Schaeffler all doing their bit

Published:  07 April, 2020

Businesses operating in the aftermarket are continuing to do their bit for the fight against COVID-19.

Coronavirus impacts on March new car sales

Published:  06 April, 2020

UK new car sales dropped by 44.4% in March, a month that saw widespread closure of showrooms due to Coronavirus lockdown measures.

Garages ‘more valued’ since start of Covid-19 crisis

Published:  06 April, 2020

Independent garages are now more valued by the general public than they were before the UK’s Coronavirus outbreak, according to a new survey.

Dayco component helping to save lives

Published:  06 April, 2020

Dayco is helping in the fight against Covid-19 by producing a vital component that helps convert a readily available snorkelling mask into a life-saving ventilator.

Access to Coronavirus business loans widened

Published:  03 April, 2020

Garages looking for support from government could now find it easier to access Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans, following an overhaul of the scheme.

Kalimex open for business despite COVID-19

Published:  03 April, 2020

Kalimex, the global distributors of K-Seal Permanent Coolant Leak Repair and the sole UK distributor of Quiksteel and JLM Lubricants’ products remains fully open for business, with stock of all key products ready for despatch.

Ivor Searle rolls on to fight COVID-19

Published:  03 April, 2020

With its output of engines, gearboxes and turbochargers classified by government as essential goods, Ivor Searle is working hard to make sure vital vehicles are able to stay on the roads despite Coronavirus.

Coronavirus testing solution: MOT stations?

Published:  02 April, 2020

Garages that are also MOT test centres could offer a practical solution for widespread Coronavirus testing, it has been suggested.

Coronavirus: MAHLE and Triumph to make face masks

Published:  01 April, 2020

MAHLE and underwear manufacturer Triumph have teamed up to make face masks.

18% of SMEs a month away from collapse says survey

Published:  01 April, 2020

 Almost a fifth of all UK SMEs, which would include many garages, could be just a month from collapse due to the impact of the anti-Coronavirus restrictions.

Coronavirus: More support for business owners urged

Published:  31 March, 2020

Company directors, including garage owners, could end up falling through the cracks of government Coronavirus support, the Institute of Directors (IoD) has warned.

Holiday rules relaxed due to Coronavirus

Published:  30 March, 2020

Garage staff who have not been able to take all of their statutory annual leave due to the Coronavirus outbreak will now be able to carry it over into the next two years, government has said.

IGA to government: Extend business rates relief to garages

Published:  30 March, 2020

The IGA is asking government to extend business rates relief to independent garages, as they work to keep the country’s cars on the road through the Coronavirus outbreak 

IAAF and IMI continue to offer Coronavirus advice and support

Published:  30 March, 2020

Automotive sector organisations continue to offer support to the garage sector, as the UK enters its second week of partial lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Push it to the limit – Car dealer turned drug smuggler jailed

Published:  30 March, 2020

A Liverpool car dealer caught coming back into the UK with over £1m of cocaine hidden in his Subaru Impreza was sentenced to nine years in prison last month, after being unanimously found guilty by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court in less than an hour.

Garages gain additional lifeline as insolvency laws loosened

Published:  28 March, 2020

 Garages that are struggling as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic could be supported by temporary changes to the insolvency system.

Coronavirus: Aftermarket suppliers continue to declare ongoing support for sector

Published:  27 March, 2020

More aftermarket suppliers are confirming that they will continue to support their customers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Chancellor announces self-employed Coronavirus support

Published:  26 March, 2020

Technicians and mechanics who are self-employed will soon have a level of support comparable with that offered to employees as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

TechMan: ‘business as usual’ during Coronavirus restrictions

Published:  26 March, 2020

TechMan is advising its customers that it will be continuing to provide services and support for its garage management system while Coronavirus restrictions are in place.

IGA raises MOT extension concerns

Published:  26 March, 2020

The IGA is raising concerns to the government about the impact of extending MOTs for six months, and instead proposes an initial six-week MOT extension period, which could then be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Independents see 80% MOT demand spike ahead of exemption period

Published:  26 March, 2020

Within hours of the six-month MOT exemption being announced yesterday by DfT, (25 March), garages saw an 80% rise in MOT bookings through online platform BookMyGarage.

Coronavirus support and advice from Ben

Published:  26 March, 2020

Ben is reaching out to those struggling in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, with a new statement on how the organisation can help, as well as new dedicated webpages for providing support during Covid-19.

Bosch develops rapid test for COVID-19

Published:  26 March, 2020

Automotive continues to play its part in the fight against Coronavirus, with Bosch announcing it has developed a rapid test for Covid-19 through its Healthcare Solutions subsidiary.

Customers to flock to independents as franchised dealers falter?

Published:  25 March, 2020

 Independent garages could end up bearing the brunt of any overflow repair demand from franchised dealer customers, as elements of the UK dealer networks shut both repair workshops and as well as their car showrooms.

Coronavirus assessed by suppliers: ECP keeps doors open; others temporarily closing

Published:  25 March, 2020

 Aftermarket suppliers are continuing to look at the Coronavirus outbreak, and decide how best to support their customers while balancing responsibility for staff. Some are opting to remain open, while others are looking to temporarily close their doors.

DVSA announces MOT extensions due to Coronavirus

Published:  25 March, 2020

From Monday (30 March), DVSA has announced that MOT due dates for cars, motorcycles and light vans will be extended by six months, in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Garage to remain open despite new restrictions

Published:  24 March, 2020

Garages are among the essential businesses that are being allowed to remain open, following the introduction of more stringent restrictions to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Automotive sector to lift ventilator blues?

Published:  23 March, 2020

The automotive sector could soon be doing more than just fixing vehicles in the fight against Coronavirus, with companies gearing up to manufacture ventilators.

Self-employed mechanics to receive more Coronavirus support?

Published:  23 March, 2020

 Self-employed mechanics could see Coronavirus government support increase, with MPs looking to ramp up support for the self-employed.

Garages to lose staff to self-isolation now

Published:  23 March, 2020

Garages could lose some members of staff for at least three months from now, due to government advising those with serious health conditions to self-isolate as soon as possible.

Garage staff likely "key workers" - Children can attend school

Published:  20 March, 2020

 Garage staff are  likely to qualify as key workers whose children are still able to attend school from Monday (23 March), following the general closure of schools across the UK.

Government to pay wages Chancellor announces

Published:  20 March, 2020

Garages that find themselves struggling because of the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak have the opportunity to seek major government support in paying staff wages.


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