Fault finding

Eclipse demonstrates remote fault-finding system at Workshop 2010
Published:  14 April, 2010

ECLIPSE Automotive Technology has unveiled the Texa TMD Safecar allowing technicians to access fault codes, live data and other diagnostic information remotely from any computer with internet access.

Sun in charge of batteries

FoldUp solar charger from Solar Technology
Published:  13 April, 2010

Designed for use in cars, caravans, trucks and motorbikes, this unit is designed to charge and maintain 12 volt batteries. It delivers free solar power and, according to Solar Technology, can extend a battery's life by up to 20%.

Stay safe like Nederman

Hose and cable safety from Nederman
Published:  12 April, 2010

rong>Workshop kit company Nederman is highlighting the benefits of self-retracting hose and cable reels in line with a campaign by the Health and Safety Executive to reduce slips, trips and falls.

Reliability rating

Vauxhall Astra tops repair poll of most reliable fleet vehicles
Published:  12 April, 2010

THE VAUXHALL Astra is the most reliable fleet car on the road, according to research by Warranty Direct.

Rack up solutions for storage

Integrated racking system from Tevo
Published:  09 April, 2010

Tevo is using its stand (number 5814) to launch its latest racking system. It uses customisable storage modules so users can create the storage system that's right for their particular needs.

Parts ATA

S&B Academy launches mobile parts advisor assessments
Published:  09 April, 2010

S&B AUTOMOTIVE Academy has launched a mobile assessment service for anyone wanting to gain ATA parts advisor accreditation.

"Bimmers" ball joint kit

BMW 5 and 7 Series ball joint remover from Auto Service Tools
Published:  08 April, 2010

The tool company has updated its rear ball joint remover and installer kit for BMW 5 and 7 Series models. The 4498A kit has been revamped with an improved design to cover later 5 Series (E60 and E61) and 7 Series (E65 and E66) models.

Garage leader

David Moran takes over as head of independent garages at RMI
Published:  08 April, 2010

DAVID Moran has been appointed as the new head of the Retail Motor Industry's independent garages association.

Time to pimp your garage?

Workshop design service from Dura
Published:  07 April, 2010

If you're looking to build a new, or re-design an existing, workshop, Dura claims it has the expertise needed.

Prime racks hit the roof

Roof rack products from Prime Design
Published:  06 April, 2010

This award-winning US company will be sharing its roof rack solutions with visitors to the CVO Show on stand 5236.

People news

Aldo Rodi set for managing director job at Snap-on Tools
Published:  06 April, 2010

ALDO Rodi has been named as Snap-on Tools' new UK managing director.

Golden winner

Discover the identity of the UK's best-loved workshop
Published:  06 April, 2010

KINGHAMS of Croydon has won Motor Codes' search for the nation's best-loved garage.

Help keep Traka your keys

Key management systems from Traka
Published:  05 April, 2010

Stand 5862 will play home to Traka during the CV Operator Show as it displays its selection of key management systems.

Fuel savings

Motorists turning to tuning to beat rising fuel costs, says Viezu Technologies
Published:  05 April, 2010

THE HIGH cost of fuel is forcing more motorists to turn to vehicle tuning, according to Viezu Technologies.

Workshop kit on display

Garage equipment from Liftmaster
Published:  02 April, 2010

Specialising in test lanes for cars and commercial vehicles, the company will be on hand to answer questions on equipment, layout and VOSA requirements for Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) from stand 4021.

Set to socket to you

Duo Drive spline impact socket set from Sykes-Pickavant
Published:  01 April, 2010

rong>This system allows users to choose between a ½” square drive impact wrench and a 24mm wrench or socket, thanks to the external hex design.

Diagnostic news

Hyundai announces advance in integrated diagnostic systems for new vehicles
Published:  01 April, 2010

KOREAN car manufacturer Hyundai says it is confident of developing a fully-automatic in-car diagnostic system by the end of the year.

All fuelled up for Show

Merridale fuel management systems from MIS
Published:  31 March, 2010

From stand number 5866, the company will be drawing attention to the benefits of carbon management for vehicle fleets. Its Merridale fuel management software now features a CO2 calculator which gives emissions information based on the quantity of fuel used.

Fleet chance

Independents should act now to capture fleet work, says Network Automotive
Published:  31 March, 2010

EXTENDED car and van life cycles mean independents have a great opportunity to capture fleet work, says Network Automotive.

Cabin comfort

Euro Car Parts and Corteco target Tesco drivers for cabin air filter promotion
Published:  31 March, 2010

A PLAN to educate drivers about the benefits of changing cabin air filters has been launched by Euro Car Parts, filter manufacturer Corteco and charity Asthma UK.

Diagnostic service tool

VST service tool from Sealey
Published:  30 March, 2010

Tool company Sealey has unveiled its VST hand-held service and diagnostic tool, providing coverage of more than 30 VMs plus EOBD. It can read and clear all engine trouble codes on all EOBD compliant vehicles. It is also capable of various service functions, such as resetting the service light, electronic parking brake, key reprogramming and tyre pressure configuration on selected vehicles.

Data deal

Autodata secures AA contract to supply technical information
Published:  30 March, 2010

TECHNICAL information publisher Autodata has been chosen by the AA to supply its patrols with technical information.

Fleet diagnostic solution

Texa TMD telematics device from Eclipse
Published:  29 March, 2010

Based on stand 4111, Eclipse Automotive Technology will showcase the Texa TMD telematics device. The unit allows faults to not only be identified and diagnosed while a car is moving but, in certain cases, to be corrected too. Richard Parking, director of Eclipse, said the unit would open up a new direction for vehicle repairs, particularly among fleet workshops.

Top 10

Motor Codes announces finalists in its hunt for the UK's most popular workshop
Published:  29 March, 2010

THE FINALISTS in the Golden Garages search for the country's best-loved workshop have been revealed.

Technical temp. tester

Infrared thermometer from Euro Car Parts
Published:  26 March, 2010

This tool calculates temperature by detecting the infrared energy emitted by an object so doesn't even have to make contact with it.

Inspector gadget from Dart

Steerable endoscopes from Dart Systems
Published:  25 March, 2010

As working on modern cars becomes as complicated as surgery, it comes as no surprise that endoscopes are an increasingly handy tool to have to hand.

Air-con insight

EAAC air con exhibition gears up to solve technical problems
Published:  25 March, 2010

THE LATEST tools and technology from the world of vehicle air con systems will go on show at the European Auto Air Conditioning Convention (EAAC) this September.

Bright sparks plug LPG

Spark plug catalogue from Denso
Published:  24 March, 2010

rong>Denso released its latest spark plug catalogue recently and, in a new development, it featured an LPG section to help users select the right plug for cars being converted to run on liquid petroleum gas or compressed natural gas.

ATA update

Bromley fast-fitter Doug Creed become 20,000th ATA technician
Published:  24 March, 2010

THE ATA scheme has accredited its 20,000th technician.

Snap up new garage kit

Garage equipment from Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  23 March, 2010

Lifts, tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners are just some of the kit now being offered by the firm. The company's acting marketing manager Sarah Philpott said the decision to expand the existing choice of air con, emissions and ATL equipment was the result of numerous customer requests.

Code query

Does the Golden Garage competition hamper those that don't make the finals, asks reader John Tullett
Published:  23 March, 2010

AFTERMARKET reader John Tullett has been in touch concerning Motor Codes' Golden Garages competition.

Service danger

Drivers relying on false-economy of MOT checks, says fast-fit boss
Published:  23 March, 2010

MORE than a third of drivers are avoiding services in a bid to save money, claims fast-fit network HiQ.

A good sport for bearings

Motorsport engine bearings from Mahle
Published:  22 March, 2010

Made in a UK facility using materials developed for motorsport, this latest range of bearings covers 14 applications from Ford through to Subaru.

Analysis advice

Frank Massey ditches gas analysers for fault-finding work
Published:  22 March, 2010

FRANK Massey has revealed he no longer uses a gas analyser in his workshop.

Top care scheme for garages

Car Care Centre from Unipart
Published:  19 March, 2010

Wendy Williamson, Unipart Automotive’s marketing director, reckons its Car Care Centre scheme (UCCC) provides garages with a good mix of corporate support while allowing them to maintain their independence.

MOT drive

Motor Codes continues bid to recruit MOT test stations with VOSA meeting
Published:  19 March, 2010

MOTOR Codes has met with the Department for Transport, VOSA and MP Paul Clark to continue discussions about promoting its Code of Practice for Service and Repair to MOT test stations.

Asian addition to fluid range

Automatic transmission fluid from Febi Bilstein
Published:  18 March, 2010

rong>This latest addition to the Febi range of fluids is designed for Asian vehicles. It is resistant to high torque and meets, and sometimes exceeds, vehicle manufacturer standards.

Training gain

SKills organisation seeks trainers to coach young repairers on global stage
Published:  18 March, 2010

UK SKILLS is on the lookout for a training manager to coach the country's best young repair talent.

Make sure you're connected

Electrical connector kit from Sealey
Published:  17 March, 2010

Sealey has so many gadgets and gizmos for working on electrical systems that we'd need more space than is available in this feature to list them all.

People news

Jonas Zambakides named chairman of IAAF's Garage division
Published:  17 March, 2010

IN ONE of the least surprising moves in the world of trade association personnel changes, Jonas Zambakides has been named chairman of the IAAF-G (the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Association's Garage division).

Shocking offer on plugs

Spark plugs from Euro Car Parts
Published:  16 March, 2010

Never backwards in coming forwards about their latest offers and deals, ECP reckons it has "shocked" its competitors with what it claims are its "unbeatable offerings" from three of the biggest names in OE spark plug manufacture - Bosch, Denso and NGK.

Brake business

Global Braking Systems brings Cifam braking brand to UK factors and garages
Published:  16 March, 2010

START-UP business Global Braking Systems (GBS) is hoping to shake up the braking market after being appointed the official UK distributor for Cifam products.

Franchise plan

Fancy running a factor? Unipart is looking for business owners to take on Express Factors outlets
Published:  16 March, 2010

IF YOU run a garage and are fed up with the service you get from your local factor, there's a new chance to see if you could do a better job.

Delphi at your service

Delphi Service Centre
Published:  15 March, 2010

Offering support in diesel, air con, petrol engine management or braking, steering and suspension systems, Delphi offers a range of packages to help garages get the latest technical support combined with marketing assistance.

Spark plugs are champions

Champion iridium spark plugs from Federal-Mogul
Published:  12 March, 2010

Champion's iridium spark plugs are now available for a range of engines operating on liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or E85 bio-ethanol.

Audio opportunity

Autologic offers BMW audio kit installation opportunity
Published:  12 March, 2010

AUTOLOGIC has joined forces with Dension to open up audio installation work to users of its BMW software package

All-in-one brake machine

Bendix brake bleeder from Honeywell
Published:  11 March, 2010

Compatible with all brake systems, Honeywell reckons this bleeder takes into account everything from brake fluid viscosity and temperature to purity in a bid to offer the highest standards of brake system maintenance.

MOT offer

Motor Trade Technologies offers kit discounts for IAAF trade associations
Published:  11 March, 2010

MOT specialist Hugh Roberts has lent his support to the IAAF trade association's garage division.

Red light on booze drives

VDO Alcohol Interlock from Continental
Published:  10 March, 2010

rong>What with the high-profile safety campaigns, most people that are so boozed-up they can hardly stand, will not even attempt to get behind the wheel of a car these days.

Repair stars

Steve Smith, John Tinham and Stuart White lead the race for Top Technician 2010 title
Published:  10 March, 2010

STEVE Smith, John Tinham and Stuart White are the three repairers left in the race for the title of Top Technician 2010.


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