Racer head with bike bulbs

Night Racer motorbike bulb from Osram
Published:  12 November, 2009

Is it a motorcycle helmet? No, it's the latest piece of eye-catching packaging from Osram.

Skills update

IMI should remain in charge of automotive skills schemes says Lord Mandelson
Published:  12 November, 2009

THE INSTITUTE of the Motor Industry (IMI) has been re-appointed as a Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the retail motor  industry.

Swift alert manages charges

Congestion charge alert from Trakm8
Published:  11 November, 2009

rong>The company’s fleet management system can now alert staff that their vehicle is about to enter the London Congestion Zone.

Electrics catalogue motors on

Rotating Electrics from Valeo
Published:  10 November, 2009

A new catalogue lists more than 100 new exchange parts in the company's rotating electrics range.

Hella Code

The Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair is set as the minimum standard for Hella's Service Partner Programme.
Published:  10 November, 2009

HELLA'S programme is a marketing and technical support scheme for independent garages. A high proportion of these in the UK specialise in air con servicing and repair - a rising number are electrical and electronic repairers.

Removal tool on the ball

BMW ball joint remover from Laser Tools
Published:  09 November, 2009

If you need to remove or install lower ball joints on a BMW E36 3 series then this kit could be just the ticket.

Calibration concern

Tri-Sphere warns bodyshop managers of 'all systems' recalibration suppliers
Published:  09 November, 2009

THE COMPANY has come across a number of basic errors on measuring systems recently after recalibration had been carried out, supposedly to PAS 125 standards, as part of a full bodyshop service.

Re-build product protects

Engine break-in oil additive from Lucas
Published:  06 November, 2009

One for the engine re-builders, this additive helps protect the camshaft and valve train during the running-in period.

Quality parts from ZF

Automatic transmissions from ZF Great Britain
Published:  05 November, 2009

Following a decision earlier this year, the company now supplies the independent aftermarket with a wide range of out-of-warranty BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover parts.

Cool flush brings relief

Radiator Relief Flush from Design Engineering
Published:  04 November, 2009

rong>It’s not just summertime that brings out the worst in cooling systems. Lack of maintenance means problems crop up in winter too, says Design Engineering.

Crash clinic

Just Car Clinics expands to become UK's second largest collision repair chain
Published:  04 November, 2009

Just Car Clinics has become the UK’s second largest independent collision repair chain after acquiring branches in Redditch and Stourbridge.  

Kits tackle clutch leakage

Oil seal kits from Corteco
Published:  03 November, 2009

According to Corteco, the main cause of clutch leakage is wear of the engine-side and gearbox-side seals.

Dealer relations

Tough times have brought VMs and dealers closer together, says Network Automotive
Published:  03 November, 2009

DEALERS are no longer able to meet the stringent standards set by manufacturers, according to industry consultancy Network Automotive.

Suplex move

Parts firm XPart adds Suplex coil springs to its all-makes range
Published:  03 November, 2009

XPART has become the first UK distributor for Suplex coil springs.

Replace clutches with ease

Clutch compressor from Laser
Published:  02 November, 2009

rong>This latest addition to the Laser range is for repairers who remove or install self-adjusting clutches fitted to BMW, VAG, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault and Vauxhall vehicles.

Prize time

Texa takes top spot European innovation award for its OBD data logger
Published:  02 November, 2009

THE 'OBD Log' diagnostic data recorder from Texa has taken top spot in the Equip Auto Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation.

Gadget takes the pressure

Digital tyre pressure gauge from Richbrook
Published:  30 October, 2009

rong>Whether you want to keep track of pressures to optimise fuel economy and carbon savings, or lap times round a race track, this pressure gauge could prove useful for motorists of almost every type.

Top prizes

Published:  30 October, 2009

Good vibes from plug remover

Glow plug remover kit from Sykes-Pickavant
Published:  29 October, 2009

The Vibro impact glow plug remover kit uses vibration to loosen seized glow plugs. It removes the risk of breaking plugs and damaging cylinder heads in the process of removing 8, 10 and 12mm plugs.

Tyre safety

Company car drivers most likely to need replacement tyres
Published:  29 October, 2009

A QUARTER of company car drivers have never checked their tyre tread depths, according to a survey by safety charity TyreSafe.

Safety recall

Sealey recalls selected transformer units after revealing safety risk
Published:  29 October, 2009

TOOL firm Sealey has revealed a potential safety issue with the 230-12V power transformer supplied with its LED2105 rechargeable inspection lamp.

Code backing

Garage owner Andrew Ferris says Motor Industry Code of Practice is business winner
Published:  29 October, 2009

CORPORATE support for the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair is growing as leading trade associations publicly offer their backing to the garage scheme.

Filters through to ECP

Bosch filters from Euro Car Parts
Published:  28 October, 2009

ECP now stocks a complete range of Bosch filters for diesel and petrol cars. The range includes fuel, oil, air and cabin filters. There are more than 1,700 filters covering virtually all European passenger cars.

It's one Hella of a light

Luminator Xenon auxiliary headlight from Hella
Published:  27 October, 2009

rong>This auxiliary unit gives vehicles an added blast of lighting power. Hella says it will appeal particularly to off-road vehicles, trucks, large pick-ups and rally cars.

Technical podcasts

Brighton workshop owner shares technical tips using podcasts
Published:  27 October, 2009

STEVE Kennard, owner of 1st Class Garage in Brighton, has started making podcasts covering common vehicle problems and technical tips.

Tough socket set does job

Socket and combi wrench set from Britool
Published:  26 October, 2009

This 83-piece set includes 30 3/8" square drive sockets which, Britool claims, should last a lifetime in the toughest working environments.

Tyre time

Tyre retailer enters servicing market thanks to Unipart deal
Published:  26 October, 2009

TYRE RETAILER Blackcircles.com has joined forces with Unipart to launch an online vehicle servicing scheme.

Learn to tighten your belt

Belt training from Gates
Published:  23 October, 2009

The manufacturer will explain the causes of premature belt failure and how to avoid them. The courses will be hosted by motor factors around the country and include advice on tension settings and the latest fitting techniques.

FAI's belt-er of a timing kit

All-makes belts from FAI
Published:  22 October, 2009

Now installed in a new HQ after burning down in January 2008, FAI has more than 400 timing belt kits on offer to cope with the rise in demand for all-in-one belt replacement solutions.

Get armed with puller set

Wiper arm puller set from Laser Tools
Published:  21 October, 2009

This set is suitable for a wide range of applications and a variety of cars, in particular models from Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and BMW. It also works on Vauxhall, Ford and Peugeot vehicles.

Show time

Big name companies confirm their places at Workshop 2010 vehicle repair exhibition
Published:  21 October, 2009

SOME of the best companies in vehicle diagnostics - including Crypton, Texa, Launch UK, Autodiagnos and V-Tech UK - will be showcasing their latest products and information at the Workshop 2010 exhibition next year.

Universal exhaust fittings

Veco exhaust fittings from Universal Automotive
Published:  20 October, 2009

Exhaust fittings join the Veco brand at Kidderminster-based distributor Universal Automotive.

Maverick deal

Autoparts become suppliers of the DEC Superscan II tool in Scotland
Published:  20 October, 2009

New job

John Ball joins RMIF as first ever MOT chairman to represent test stations
Published:  20 October, 2009

JOHN Ball has been appointed to the new job of MOT chairman at the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF).

Bosch HQ acquires ATA

ATA assessments from Bosch
Published:  19 October, 2009

The growth of ATA is set to continue after Bosch gained approval to carry out ATA assessments at its headquarters in Denham.

Battery plan

French battery charging giant GYS gets set for launch into the UK market
Published:  19 October, 2009

FRENCH battery charger and welding company GYS is gearing up to take on the UK market.

Handy kit for repair jobs

R2nano tool kit from Facom
Published:  16 October, 2009

Only slightly larger than a mobile phone, this set is for people who don't like to be caught without their repair kit to hand.

Tech software

Vivid Automotive outlines plans for UK launch of technical software to rival Autodata
Published:  16 October, 2009

DUTCH software company Vivid Automotive is planning to rival Autodata with the planned launch of its technical data packages into the UK market.

Snap up limited edition tool

Special edition Solus Pro from Snap-on
Published:  15 October, 2009

A limited edition version of the Solus Pro has been built to celebrate the 5,000th sale of the diagnostic tool.

Optimal launch

Parts firm Optimal is set to launch new products in the UK for the first time
Published:  15 October, 2009

Parts firm Optimal is preparing to launch its suspension, bearings, shock absorber and brake pad products into the UK for the first time.

Engine re-build package

Torco engine break-in kit from Nimbus Motorsport
Published:  14 October, 2009

To help with engine re-builds, this pack contains every lubricant and additive you'll need.

French software

Autologic launches French diagnostic software at Equip Auto in Paris
Published:  14 October, 2009

AUTOLOGIC has officially launched its French diagnostic software package at the Equip Auto exhibition in Paris.

Speedy scanner finds fault

Launch C Reader V from RW Motortec
Published:  13 October, 2009

It takes Usain Bolt less than 10s to run the 100m - and according to RW Motortec, it takes the "lightning fast" C Reader V less than 10s to scan through a vehicle's entire electronic system too.

MOT change

Smaller workshops will now be able to upgrade to ATL or one-man testing
Published:  13 October, 2009

VOSA has revised its MOT requirements, meaning many small workshops will be able to upgrade their testing facilities to ATL or one-person test lanes.

Bigger better oil bottle

Carlube Vision from Tetrosyl
Published:  12 October, 2009

A new 5-litre 'Vision' bottle is out now. It will contain only Carlube synthetic and mineral oil ranges to differentiate them from competitor brands.

Delphi training

A new series of Delphi training courses announced
Published:  12 October, 2009

DELPHI has launched a series of new courses from its Warwick training headquarters.

Joint decision adds parts

Surcharge-free CV Joints from Remy Automotive
Published:  09 October, 2009

Remy's transmission programme now has an additional 779 driveshafts and 289 CV Joints, bringing the total to over 3,000 part numbers covering 95% of the UK car parc.

Brake test

Honeywell puts its Bendix brake pads to the test to show superior performance
Published:  09 October, 2009

PARTS company Honeywell has attempted to prove the superiority of its Bendix brake pads in a live demonstration at the Boxberg test track in Germany.

Heading north

Somerset-based expert James Dillon heads north with new training base in Doncaster
Published:  09 October, 2009

SYSTEMS expert James Dillon is heading north to offer training courses from Doncaster.

Surfacer is in its primer

3:1 primer surfacer from Standox
Published:  08 October, 2009

The new epoxy primer surfacer is for use on sanded-through areas and to cover bare metal or substrates underneath.


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