Report: Legal overhaul required for Self-driving cars

Published:  26 January, 2022

The driver of a self-driving car, when the car’s systems is doing the driving, will not be legally responsible for its actions, the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission have concluded in a joint report, with a whole new legal system needed as a result.

Good-to-Go: Nissan launches aftercare programme for cars aged 3-10

Published:  26 January, 2022

Nissan has launched a new fixed price serving programme intended to capture the three-to-ten year old car market, with a view to keeping the make’s models in franchised dealer workshops for longer.

CTEK lights the Fuuse on integrated EV charging

Published:  24 January, 2022

With away-from-home EV charging seemingly on the rise, CTEK is looking to help businesses generate revenue from their EV chargers more easily by integrating the CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2 (CC2) EV charger with Fuuse Billing payment management software.

Sent to Coventry? EV ownership prime locations identified

Published:  21 January, 2022

Coventry is the best place in the UK to own an EV, according to new research that took into account the cost of charging an EV at home, number of standard and rapid EV charging points per 100,000 people, and the number of rapid charging points per registered EV in the area.

Block Exemption to be extended?

Published:  21 January, 2022

The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (MVBER) could be extended to 2028, following proposals from the European Commission.

Perks at Work to keep repairer staff perky into 2022

Published:  20 January, 2022

A free-of-charge bonus programme, that includes discounts on well-known brands to those using the platform, is now being offered by In-House HR to business using its online platform.

VARTA return as Top Technician and Top Garage sponsors for 2022

Published:  20 January, 2022

VARTA has returned as a sponsor of Top Technician and Top Garage 2020.
Clarios is the global battery manufacturer behind the VARTA brand. John Rawlins, Marketing Manager at Clarios commented: “The VARTA team are delighted to be working with Top Technician and Top Garage again for 2022.

Mechanic crashes £2.5m Ferrari

Published:  20 January, 2022

A mechanic crashed a £2.5m Ferrari Enzo into a roadside tree stump earlier this week, just over a mile from the dealership where it was being serviced.

Ford Focus is king of the scrapheap

Published:  20 January, 2022

The most scrapped car in 2021 was the Ford Focus, with 29,525 taken off the road last year according to data from Scrap Car Comparison, which also showed the average age of scrapped cars was 14 years old.

Snap-on sign up as Top Technician/Top Garage 2022 sponsor

Published:  19 January, 2022

Snap-on has signed up with Top Technician and Top Garage 2022, becoming the first sponsor to put its full support behind the two competitions for 2022.

Ben launches new website as demand for support reaches all-time high

Published:  14 January, 2022

Ben has unveiled a new website for 2022. The launch comes as demand for support from Ben has reached an all-time high, with the organisation recording a 184% increase in site visitors from October 2021 compared to October 2016.

Pontefract MOT Tester banned by DVSA fraud

Published:  13 January, 2022

A Pontefract-based MOT tester who claimed to have performed a MOT test on a van in West Yorkshire when it was actually in Spain has been sentenced to a 12-month community order and banned from testing.

BM Catalysts ramps up output

Published:  13 January, 2022

Ongoing demand for BM Catalysts’ output of catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes across Europe has led the manufacturer to increase its production capacity.

IGA donates £20,000 to Ben

Published:  11 January, 2022

The IGA recently made a of £20,000 donation to Ben on behalf of its members.
IGA Chief Executive Stuart James observed: “As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben has seen a huge increase in demand for their life-saving support and services. There has never been a more important time for our industry to come together to help those in need.”

Production record for LIQUI MOLY

Published:  11 January, 2022

LIQUI MOLY produced 105,000 tonnes of lubricant in 2021, 27% more than during 2020, and it was also the first time the company had passed the 100,000 tonne production milestone in a single year.

Ben unleashes the Beast

Published:  11 January, 2022

Ben has launched a new Iron Man-like event for summer 2022; Beast of Ben. This will see four-person teams from different automotive companies going head-to-head in a series of challenges that include abseiling, water crossing, navigation and problem solving and more.

Staff shortages biggest challenge for garages study finds

Published:  11 January, 2022

COVID-19 and the ongoing skills shortage has caused a cascade of problems for garages during 2021, a new survey has shown. Being able to hire enough mechanics and MOT testers was the biggest worry for 67% of garages, a situation compounded by ongoing Coronavirus-related absences, the research from The Motor Ombudsman found.

Partbusters teams up with Dayco on steering and suspension

Published:  10 January, 2022

Dayco UK has teamed up with Partbusters with the company now supplying the full Dayco steering and suspension range. The deal will also potentially ensure that Partbusters is the first to market for Dayco steering and suspension in Europe.

Double-win for Kalimex at JLM Awards

Published:  06 January, 2022

Kalimex, UK distributors of JLM Lubricants was won two awards at the second JLM Lubricants Distributor awards’ ceremony, held recently as a combined digital/live event at the Circuit Zandvoort, home of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix.

Interim report published by IMI Diversity Task Force

Published:  06 January, 2022

The lack of diversity in the sector, a factor seen as exacerbating the ongoing skills crisis, is being addressed in the first interim report from the IMI Diversity Task Force, which has been published today (Thursday 6 January).

Second worst since 1992: 2021 new car sales lag behind pre-pandemic era, but electrified vehicles continue to spark

Published:  06 January, 2022

New car sales in 2021 were up 1% on 2020, but still 28.7% down on 2019 showing the ongoing impact of the pandemic on new car sales, in what was the second worst year for new car sales since 1992.

Top Technician 2022 opens

Published:  14 December, 2021

In what is an early Christmas present for mechanics all over the UK, Top Technician 2022 is open from today (Tuesday 14 December).

London rapid charge point expansion urged

Published:  07 December, 2021

London has been urged to fast-track its expansion of rapid charge points in the city. According to Zipcar UK’s 2021 Sustainability Report, a major acceleration is vital so London can reach the target set in the Mayor’s 2019 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Delivery Plan. This estimated that the city needs 4,000 rapid chargers by 2025. At present there are only 500.

In addition, the Report stresses the role car clubs can play in delivering zero emission driving in city centres, and also calls for more policy changes including discounts for car clubs in areas such as the congestion charge, and for parking permit incentives for EV car clubs.

James Taylor, General Manager at Zipcar UK said: “The UK government has set clear targets for stopping the sales of fossil fuelled vehicles by 2030, with a focus on switching to electric vehicles, but there is more that can and needs to be done. We are at a pivotal moment to make urban mobility more responsible, equitable and sustainable.

“Whilst charging infrastructure has improved in the past three years and it is encouraging to see the government set out a commitment to support car clubs to go fully electric, significant further investment is needed in the infrastructure if we are to achieve our vision.”

New UK and Ireland distributor for Gulf Lubricants

Published:  07 December, 2021

Gulf Lubricants has a new distributor in the UK and Ireland, Rossmore Lubricants, and the company is looking to get the ball rolling with its new partner before the end of 2021.

Kent is number one for icy car crashes

Published:  07 December, 2021

With winter upon us, garages and bodyshops are likely to see cars coming through the door that have been in accidents caused by ice, but it might come as a surprise to find out that the area where drivers are most likely to be in such an incident is actually Kent.

Plug-in car sales soar, but overall demand remains muted

Published:  06 December, 2021

Plug-in cars made up 28.1% of the total sold during November according to the latest figures from the SMMT, which saw overall registrations up 1.7% on the same month in 2020, which also brought four months of continuously falling sales to an end.

Plug-in charging points not keeping up with surging vehicle sales study finds

Published:  01 December, 2021

The ratio of vehicle chargepoints to plug-in cars dropped by 31% during 2020, according to a new study from the SMMT, and the organisation is calling for charging infrastructure targets to match the growth in the sales of these vehicles, which now account for one in six new cars sold.

Prizes for NGK sales team

Published:  01 December, 2021

NGK’s top sales performers of 2019 and 2020 saw their achievements recognised at the company’s recent mid-year conference.

TPS to offer Vehicle Vision Aftersales video system

Published:  30 November, 2021

TPS is set to offer Vehicle Vision’s Aftersales service camera software to its 2,000 independent garage customers.

EV efficiency rating launched

Published:  30 November, 2021

An efficiency ranking standard for EVs available in the UK has been launched by The E-Rating.

EV charging: Driver education needed

Published:  30 November, 2021

Legislating for the Installation EV charge-points on all new homes and other buildings is only half-a-step, EV battery warranty provider Altelium has warned, as drivers need to be taught how to charge them properly to avoid damaging the batteries too.

Castrol/Bosch team-up comes to UK

Published:  30 November, 2021

A collaboration between Castrol and Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, where they recommend each other’s products and services in their respective garage networks, has been brought to the UK .

TRICO’s ‘Big Christmas Giveaway’ unwrapped

Published:  29 November, 2021

TRICO is running a Christmas-themed scratchcard competition through seven of its UK distributors, with every single TRICO wiper blade purchased providing a chance to win.

Booking platform goes commission-free until 2022

Published:  24 November, 2021

Recently launched booking platform is waiving its 10% commission fee until at least the beginning of 2022, making it free to use for garages for the foreseeable future.

VLS: Marketing claims corrected

Published:  24 November, 2021

A VLS cased closed recently after the organisation successfully worked with MPM Lubricants to clarify product claims.

Charge-point legislation boost for EVs?

Published:  23 November, 2021

EVs may have received another boost, with the government set to make EV charge-points a legal requirement for new-build homes, as well as new supermarkets and business premises and any building undergoing major refurbishment.

Free TechMan GMS licence for ECP customers and RAC-Approved garages

Published:  23 November, 2021

Garages that buy parts from LKQ Euro Car Parts or have become an RAC-Approved centre can now access a reduced rate– and in many free – TechMan garage management system licence, thanks to a new team-up between the organisations and the GMS provider.

Lucky for some: 13 more dealer groups join as bookings surge

Published:  19 November, 2021

Servicing and repairs arranged by motorists via increased by 34% in October. Meanwhile, its SecretService franchise programme Q3 bookings grew by 238%. In parallel, 13 more dealer groups signed up to the comparison platform. This equates to another 221 sites joining, and means more than 1,000 dealers are on the platform.

Ben launches Christmas Appeal

Published:  18 November, 2021

Ben has launched a new Christmas Appeal which aims to raise £500,000 so it can support the record numbers of people calling on its services this year, reflected in the 147% demand increase the charity saw during 2021.

ULEZ: Classics and quirks drive through loophole

Published:  16 November, 2021

With London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) recently expanded, and 13 more UK cities following its example by setting up their own, it could seem like older cars could disappear in many areas, but with cars over 40 year old often exempt, could garages actually see a resurgence of classics coming through the door?

LKQ Euro Car Parts platform drives £1m in sales for garages

Published:  16 November, 2021

£1m of additional labour for 1,500 independent garages has been created by LKQ Car Parts’ Fit It For Me online platform, according to the company.

The Parts Alliance rebrands as GSF Car Parts

Published:  10 November, 2021

GSF Car Parts has become the official new name for The Parts Alliance, which will trade under one brand its 170 sites going forward.

EV skills gap to rip open in 2026?

Published:  10 November, 2021

The IMI is predicting that there will be a 35,700 shortfall of EV-qualified technicians by 2030, with 2026 marking the point at which the skills gap will become very apparent, according to a new study from the organisation.

Give as good as you get: Machine Mart gift vouchers top Christmas option for 2021?

Published:  08 November, 2021

With Christmas coming up, Machine Mart is looking to remind its customers that its gift cards and E-Vouchers could make a good gift option.

IMI partnership with British Motor Show to continue in 2022

Published:  08 November, 2021

The British Motor Show, set to return from 18-21 August 2022, at Farnborough International, is again teaming up with the IMI as tech partner.

Kalimex and Mickel Motorsport launch Young Driver Programme

Published:  05 November, 2021

Kalimex, the global distributors of K-Seal, JLM Lubricants and Quiksteel, in partnership with motorsport specialists Mickel Motorsport have launched a brand-new Young Driver Programme.

EVs and hybrids get 5-star Euro NCAP results

Published:  05 November, 2021

EVs and hybrids get 5-star Euro NCAP results
EVs and hybrids from mainstream car manufacturers all achieved high scores in recent Euro NCAP testing. The Mustang Mach-E, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 the Hyundai Tucson and the Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid all received five-stars, while the Hyundai Bayon achieved four-stars.

Powerful new Tesla battery unveiled by Panasonic

Published:  05 November, 2021

The issue of EV range anxiety could become less pronounced for some owners going forward, with Panasonic recently announcing it has developed a new battery prototype for Tesla cars that has five times the capacity of current examples.

New car sales: Weakest October since 1991

Published:  04 November, 2021

A 24.6% new car sales drop last month has taken October registrations down to a level not seen since 1991, according to the latest figures from the SMMT.

More plug-in vehicles sold in 2021 that during entire previous decade

Published:  04 November, 2021

More plug-in vehicles will hit the road in 2021 than during all of of the preceding decade, according to a forecast from the SMMT, even with overall new car sales around 30% down compared with the average for the period 2010-2019.


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