Less parts wider coverage

Oxygen sensors from Delphi
Published:  09 March, 2009

The number of direct fit oxygen sensors available from Delphi has grown to more than 190

Visual fault-finding

Ridgid MicroExplorer inspection camera from Dart Systems
Published:  06 March, 2009

rong>This endoscope-style device lets you snake your way through engine components while viewing the action on a 3.5” colour LCD screen.

Scope skills

Frank Massey and Pico Technology to share oscilloscope secrets on latest training course
Published:  06 March, 2009

FRANK Massey is teaming up with Pico Technology to solve technicians' oscilloscope problems.

Service work assistance

VS8651 Oil & Service Reset Tool from Sealey
Published:  05 March, 2009

rong>Designed for resetting the oil service and oil inspection lights, the VS8651 also adjusts service interval data on a wide range of vehicles and resets the airbag light on selected cars.

Good behaviour

Men Behaving Badly actress to front advertising campaign for Good Garage Scheme
Published:  05 March, 2009

A STAR from hit TV show Men Behaving Badly is set to front an advertising campaign for the Good Garage Scheme.

Stop data loss on repairs

Multi XS 7000 battery charger from CTEK
Published:  04 March, 2009

rong>This powerful charger aims to maximise the performance of lead-acid batteries.

Charity trek

Technician David Massey prepares for gruelling trek across England in support of cardiac care charity
Published:  04 March, 2009

TECHNICIAN David Massey is aiming to walk 200 miles in just seven days to help young people suffering from a potentially lethal heart condition.

Apprentice time

RMIF's ReMIT training division launches body repair and paint apprenticeship scheme
Published:  04 March, 2009

APPRENTICE training provider ReMIT will launch a body repair and paint apprenticeship training programme on April 30th.

Diagnostic change

Firm behind Autologic tool says new diagnostic products will continue following ownership change
Published:  04 March, 2009

THE FIRM behind the Autologic diagnostic platform has been come under new ownership.

Keep customers happy

White seat covers from Ixtar
Published:  03 March, 2009

rong>These white polythene seat covers offer a defence against grease, oil and dust and, more importantly, against having to explain to customers why their car now has horrible stains all over its seats!

ATA validity

IMI postpones decision on ATA validity until at least 2011 following concerns about cost implications for techs
Published:  03 March, 2009

A DECISION on whether to reduce the validity period of ATA accreditation has been postponed until at least 2011.

Fault-finding feedback

Video borescope from Alba
Published:  02 March, 2009

rong>This time-saving product has a colour video camera mounted on a flexible 900mm shaft.

Tech time

Tickets to hear the latest diagnostic advice at the GEA Aftermarket Technical Workshop are on sale now
Published:  27 February, 2009

TICKETS for the next GEA Aftermarket Technical Workshop in Watford on June 9th are on sale now.

Training move

ATA training centre set for March opening to bring assessments to techs in Doncaster area
Published:  27 February, 2009

TECHNICIANS in the Doncaster area could take advantage of a new training academy set to open in March.

Revenue push

Cost cutting on parts is unsustainable says Andrew Page marketing boss in bid to help garages boost revenue
Published:  27 February, 2009

GARAGES must focus on boosting revenue rather than simply cutting costs, says to the sales and marketing boss of parts distributor Andrew Page.

Code cracker

Engineer Peter Coombes says year of research into fault codes has changed his views on technology
Published:  27 February, 2009

VEHICLE engineer Peter Coombes has emerged from a year of research into diagnostic fault codes with a message of hope for garages.

Better turning execution

PowerMAX screwdriver set from Sealey
Published:  26 February, 2009

rong>This eight-piece set is just one of the latest hand tool products from Sealey. It is built from high-quality chrome vanadium satin-finished shafts with shot blasted and magnetised tips.

Mega memory power

FAN PROTON IQ+ welding machine from Tri-Sphere
Published:  26 February, 2009

rong>This new unit will be available from the end of March onwards. It is aimed at professional body shop users and delivers 520 Dn pressure from a high 13,500 amps power output.

Prevent premature tyre wear

Teco wheel service kit from Euro Car Parts
Published:  26 February, 2009

rong>The Teco range aims to help you tackle everything from small city car wheels to the larger tyres on light commercial vehicles and vans.

Light-weight efficiency

T+3 cordless drills from Festool
Published:  26 February, 2009

rong>These drills are part of a revamped range designed to combine power and durability. They combine brushless EC motors for efficiency.

A web of lighting power

Spider bulbs from Essex Racing
Published:  26 February, 2009

rong>These unusual-looking bulbs aim to combine all the benefits of LED light while addressing the problems of small surface area and highly-directional light associated with them.

Petrol rise

Injector diagnostics expert predicts VM switch to direct petrol injection engines within five years
Published:  24 February, 2009

VEHICLE manufacturers will begin the switch to producing almost nothing but direct injection petrol engines within the next five years - that's the prediction of fuel injection expert Phil Ellisdon.

Garage help

Frank Massey's ADS Technical Conference reveals latest tips on attracting customers and keeping them happy
Published:  23 February, 2009

CASH discounts printed on replica £20 notes and putting customers in charge of repairs were just some of the innovative ideas for success revealed at the ADS Technical Conference this weekend.

For extra power on Mustangs

Torco SR-1 synthetic motor oil from Nimbus Motorsport
Published:  19 February, 2009

This 100% synthetic oil claims to combine performance-boosting and engine-protecting benefits.

Latest fit on BMW and VAG

Spark plug expansion from NGK
Published:  19 February, 2009

A range of new plugs are now available to the aftermarket, including the PLKR7A plug for use on Mercedes vehicles.

Latest software updates

UCM Land Rover Diagnostic Platform from Omitec
Published:  19 February, 2009

Updates to the diagnostic tool mean it can now perform service light reset functions and more, to help you offer the best specialist diagnostic service.

Racing brake set boost

The Brembo GT-R braking system from Power and Performance Products
Published:  19 February, 2009

These calipers are machined from billet aluminium and are extremely lightweight, stiff and heat resistant. Because the calipers are lightweight there is virtually no impact on steering feel or ride quality.

Give some TLC to your DPFs

Prolife, Syner-Z and Pro-Tech oils from Comma
Published:  19 February, 2009

Diesel particulate filters control harmful diesel exhaust emissions and can be quite expensive to replace.

Show start

Autopromotec boss says diagnostics will play key role at international exhibition this May
Published:  19 February, 2009

DISPLAYS of the latest diagnostic and garage equipment are just two of the attractions at the forthcoming Autopromotec exhibition in Italy this May.

Tech time

Top Tech regional finalist volunteers to withdraw to maintain integrity of national search for star technicians
Published:  18 February, 2009

TOP Technician 2009 regional finalist David Symes has volunteered to withdraw from the contest - in order to maintain the integrity of the contest to find the UK's best working technician.

Training gain

Training giant eXponentia adds Belfast, Blackburn and beyond to its network for latest technology
Published:  18 February, 2009

TRAINING organisation eXponentia has added four new locations to its schedule - to give technicians easier access to technical training.

Damage skills

Bristol training academy expands to offer easier access to accident assessor ATA
Published:  17 February, 2009

BRISTOL training centre S&B Automotive Academy has expanded its facilities with a dedicated section for ATA assessments in accident damage assessor skills.

Service focus

Ford Retail's customer service scheme reveals where workshops could outflank dealership competitors
Published:  16 February, 2009

FORD Retail has launched a major training programme designed to raise customer service standards in its dealerships.

Lift up more easily

Fox, Viva and Quadrolift packages from Snap-on Equipment
Published:  12 February, 2009

/>Snap-on Equipment general manager Chris Behan said: “Potential changes to the MOT regulations mean workshops need to make the most of their lift bays and maximise revenue.

Time to keep nice and cool

Engine cooling parts catalogue from Behr Hella
Published:  12 February, 2009

/>This is just one of the nuggets of wisdom from the Behr Hella guys who have also developed its ever-expanding range of cooling components. It now covers 1,800 products for passenger cars and light trucks. A 576-page catalogue is out now featuring the latest high-quality parts for 47 different vehicle makes and 688 models.

Clean up your diesel in storage

DE-BUG diesel cleaning system from Agriemach
Published:  12 February, 2009

/>Agriemach says this destroys bacteria and sludge by breaking them down into such small particles that they pass freely through fuel filters, pumps and injectors before being burned during the combustion proc

Align time unit stays straight

Kwik Track wheel aligner from GEG
Published:  12 February, 2009

/>GEG says that thanks to its compact size, it is an ideal system for workshops where space is at a premium. It also claims that its “affordable price” makes it suited to new-start or small workshops during the current “rough economic conditions”.

Find faults faster than before

KTS 340 diagnostic tool from Bosch
Published:  12 February, 2009

/>The machine comes with an inbuilt multiplexer, so only one 16 pin diagnostic lead is needed, and a two-channel multi-meter. It features info on more than 100 VMs and 230,000 model variants across a full range of vehicle syst

BER update

EU "surprised" at strength of feeling against scrapping of Block Exemption, says R2RC
Published:  12 February, 2009

THERE'S still time to register your views on possible changes to Block Exemption Regulations (BER) with the EU - that's the message from the Right To Repair Campaign (R2RC).

Check-up time

Look to dentists for best way to capitalise on MOT revenue, says consultancy
Published:  12 February, 2009

FRANCHISE dealers are neglecting MOTs as an ongoing method of retaining aftersales business, according to Network Automotive.

Last chance

Final tickets up for grabs at Frank Massey's two-day technical seminar conference
Published:  12 February, 2009

JUST five tickets are left for Frank Massey's Technical Conference Weekend on 21st and 22nd February.

Music matters

RMIF to tackle "ridiculous situation" created by music licensing rules for workshops
Published:  12 February, 2009

RULES on the playing of music in workshops and waiting areas create a "ridiculous situation" that needs to be sorted, according to the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF).

ATA expansion

IMI plans to open up ATA to other exam bodies in bid to make it a "true industry standard"
Published:  09 February, 2009

THE INSTITUTE of the Motor Industry (IMI) plans to open up Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) to other qualification awarding bodies.

Flexible diesel testing

TD 4800 diesel engine smoke meter from Tecalemit
Published:  06 February, 2009

/>Using Bluetooth communication from the smoke chamber to the hand-held control means fast and easy access to the relevant da

Skills trial

Pilot of ATA scheme for workshop management skills set for April completion date
Published:  06 February, 2009

A PILOT of the Institute of the Motor Industry's (IMI) management branch of Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) is set for completion in April.

Attractive business chance

Sun VIC 3000 ATL from Snap-on Diagnostics
Published:  05 February, 2009

/>The VOSA-approved gas and smoke analyser features automated test procedures to make it easy to use and advanced graphics that guide users through every step of the testing process. It comes with a 19” colour screen and can be upgraded with other units to form a complete diagnostic and information system

Telly talent

BBC launches reality TV hunt for the UK's best young mechanic! Find out how to apply . . .
Published:  05 February, 2009

THE BBC is launching a reality TV search for the UK's best young mechanic.

Skims discs to perfection

PFM 90 on-car brake lathe from Haweka
Published:  04 February, 2009

/>The kit can be used on any car and aims to offer garages savings on the cost of replacing partially worn discs, allowing them to enjoy added profit opportunities. Haweka says the lathe can also be used to give cars waiting to be sold on dealer forecourts an improved and more attractive look to potential buyer

MOT pledge

RMIF plans first written agreement on VOSA's obligations to vehicle test stations
Published:  04 February, 2009

THE RETAIL Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) is attempting to broker an agreement with VOSA that spells out the vehicle inspectorate's obligations to MOT test stations.

Covers latest luxury cars

020 batteries from Manbat
Published:  03 February, 2009

/>Also out now is the Numax AGM range. It aims to give longer life to vehicle with sophisticated power demands such as Mercedes Benz and Pors


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