Protection and leak prevention

Power Steering Fluid from Wynn's
Published:  10 April, 2008

/>It also offers protection against wear and oxidat

Business tips

Frank Massey reveals surprise pricing policy for winning new customers
Published:  10 April, 2008

FRANK Massey has revealed one of his top tips for dealing with price-conscious customers.

Total timing solution

Renault petrol and diesel timing tool kit from Gates
Published:  09 April, 2008

/>The kit can also be used for engines in Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Vauxhall and Volvo vehic

Radar tech

Lane change system offers techs a glimpse of the future of repairs
Published:  09 April, 2008

A RADAR system to help drivers stay safe when changing lanes is the latest example of new technology being fitted to modern cars.

Wear and tear protection

Multiple V-ribbed belt kits from Contitech
Published:  08 April, 2008

/>The kits are primarily for common diesel engines. As of October, they will be listed in TecDoc, the parts ordering information sys

Repair chance

Garage tests Porsche software aimed at opening up independent market
Published:  08 April, 2008

AN GARAGE in East Sussex is among the first to try new software aimed at opening up the lucrative Porsche repair market to independents.

Task force

Government launches team to safeguard industry for the future
Published:  08 April, 2008

THE GOVERNMENT has launched a task force to help keep the automotive industry "alive and kicking" in the face of low cost competition from the East and environmental pressures.

Complete exhaust solution

Hundreds of new parts from Bosal
Published:  07 April, 2008

/>It comprises over 4,700 type-approved systems, 300 of these have been added since the last edition. Almost 600 new exhaust parts include silencers, 138 new catalytic converters, pipes, mountings and accessories

Clear alignment advice

Comprehensive guide from Snap-on Equipment
Published:  04 April, 2008

Delay dismay

RMIF boss voices concern over slowness of 4-2-2 consultation
Published:  04 April, 2008

THE RMIF has spoken out over the government's continued delaying tactics on a consultation over the future of MOTs.

Complete MOT packages

Garage equipment from V-Tech UK
Published:  03 April, 2008

/>The range includes MOT class 4 and 7 ATL packages, complete with 2008 VOSA-approved and FAST Pass compliant emissions analys

Rescue deal

RMIF secures future for apprentices after swooping for Carter & Carter
Published:  03 April, 2008

THE RMIF is attempting to secure the future of apprentices across the UK by buying back elements of its training division it sold off to the Carter & Carter Group just two years ago.

Handy collision prevention

Mobileye 4000 safety system from Brigade Electronics
Published:  02 April, 2008

/>A small display unit fits quickly into a driver’s cab and alerts drivers to potential accidents. The company says this is particularly useful for drivers affected by fatigue on long journey

Test checks

RMIF warns garages that VOSA is watching via computer systems
Published:  02 April, 2008

MOT TESTING stations must realise that VOSA is now monitoring them secretly via computer systems, the RMIF has explained.

Rugged computing solution

Xybernaut Atigo mobile computer from DBS Software
Published:  01 April, 2008

/>It is loaded with DBS Software’s latest logistics programmes but could be updated with additional diagnostic or garage management software of your cho

Matching up

Motaquip explains hidden pitfalls of replacing engine oil
Published:  01 April, 2008

MECHANICS who don't ensure they are matching specific engines with the correct lubricant may be risking serious engine damage, car parts supplier Motaquip has warned.

Accurate chassis estimating

EzCalipre wireless tram gauge from Autorobot
Published:  31 March, 2008

/>It was developed in consultation with body shops and crash repairers and comes with rechargeable batteries, a charging unit and wireless base stat

Safety alert

New legislation means bosses could be held liable for workshop deaths
Published:  31 March, 2008

WORKSHOP owners could be prosecuted for manslaughter if their gross negligence results in the death of an employee following the introduction of new legislation later this week.

Precise wheel alignment

The HawkEye system from Pro-Align
Published:  28 March, 2008

/>The ‘mini’ Hunter 100 version operates on the low cost Hunter100 console with standard hexagonal targets, enabling tyre bays to use the latest technology at an entry level co

Smoking tips

Expert offers advice on buying emissions kit before deadline
Published:  28 March, 2008

PRODUCT expert Barrie Flemming has shared his tips on getting the right emissions analyser before the VOSA deadline for new-specification diesel test equipment comes into force later this year.

Quick and easy to install

Clutch kits from ACDelco
Published:  27 March, 2008

/>The kits cover the country’s most popular vehicles and are part of a range that also includes replacements for dual mass flywheels and concentric slave cylind

Oil fix

Forté proposes solution to high oil consumption on cars
Published:  27 March, 2008

LOW mileage vehicles can become prone to excessive oil consumption because of modern low-sulphur fuels, according the chemical experts at additive company Forté.

Code call

Pioneering garage accreditation scheme aims for 5,000 members
Published:  27 March, 2008

THE TEAM behind the Motor Industry Service and Repair Code (MISRC) plans to have 5,000 garages signed up to the accreditation scheme by August.

Wrench set tackles any job

Cuattro Ratcheting Ring Wrench Set from Facom
Published:  26 March, 2008

/>Also out from Facom this month is the 67F Series, a nine-piece flexi-ratcheting combination wrench c

Peace of mind purchases

Best Price Guarantee scheme from Snap-on
Published:  25 March, 2008

/>The campaign is designed to encourage purchases of the combi gas analyser before the end of next year, when all garages in the UK will need to have a smoke meter that meets VOSA 2009 specifications

MOT alert

RMIF boss offers tips for keeping up with VOSA special notices
Published:  25 March, 2008

MOT STATIONS risk disciplinary action if they fail to keep paper copies of special notices issued by VOSA, the RMIF has reminded workshops.

Thread repairs made easy

Thread repair kit from Alcoa Fastening Systems
Published:  24 March, 2008

/>It now contains a tapping drill, three varying lengths of insert and an installation tool. A high-speed tang break-off tool and a high-speed STI intermediate tap are also inclu

Bike bash

GEA chief heads to Silverstone for fund-raising cycling attempt
Published:  24 March, 2008

GARAGE Equipment Association chief executive Dave Garratt is hitting the road to raise money for charity.

Tough terrain tyres

Activan tyres from BFGoodrich
Published:  20 March, 2008

/>The tread compound offers high levels of durability and wear resistance, ensuring operators get maximum value for money thanks to increased tyre l

Parts range extended

Steering and suspension parts from TRW
Published:  20 March, 2008

/>The range extension includes everything from brake discs and fluid to cables, wheel cylinders and fitting k

Tool change

Sykes-Pickavant chief steps down to focus on repair campaign
Published:  20 March, 2008

PETER Coombes has decided to stand down as director and chairman of tools company Sykes-Pickavant.

Rotating electrics update

Starter motors and alternators from Autoelectro
Published:  19 March, 2008

/>Almost all the company’s products are made at its factory in Bradford. Production and technical director Nicky Bhogal says this gives the company greater control over quality and availabil

Career crunch

Published:  19 March, 2008

AN INDUSTRY commentator says employers must realise they are in a "beauty parade" to attract the most capable young staff entering the job market.

Sales plans

Boss of Actia Muller plans to target garages with workshop kit
Published:  19 March, 2008

THE NEW boss of garage equipment specialist Actia Muller has unveiled plans to target independent workshops and franchised dealers with its comprehensive range of kit.

Belt time

Motaquip offers advice on timing belt profit chances
Published:  19 March, 2008

PARTS company Motaquip says more independent garages could take advantage of profit opportunities available on timing belt kits.

Problem removing posters

Trouble-shooting repair posters from ContiTech
Published:  18 March, 2008

/>They assist in both diagnosing and solving common and rarer problems, ensuring belts are installed and fitted correc

No more flat batteries

Numax Connect and Protect Battery Brain from Manbat
Published:  17 March, 2008

/>The bolt-on device monitors the level of charge in a battery and disconnects any loads that threaten to take the voltage below a pre-determined le

Batteries to the rescue

Cargo series batteries from Yuasa
Published:  14 March, 2008

/>The 12V batteries come in capacities from 110 to 200Ah and have greater power and cycling ability than regular batteries to cope with the increased array of electrical equipment used in modern vehicles, including televisions, satellite receivers, microwaves and refrigerato

Tech advice

Aftermarket team ready to offer free technical help at Workshop 2008
Published:  14 March, 2008

AFTERMARKET's team of experts will be on hand to give out free technical advice at the Workshop 2008 exhibition this April.

Key codes

Locksmiths' scheme aims to give independent workshops VM security data
Published:  14 March, 2008

A PIONEERING scheme to secure sensitive security data from vehicle manufacturers has been launched by the locksmiths industry.

Portable repair solution

Takeaway Tools kit from Teng Tools
Published:  13 March, 2008

/>From spanners and ratchets to pliers and screwdrivers, its aims to help you tackle any kind of mechanical repair on the m

Repair rise

AA predicts older cars and more repair work for garages
Published:  13 March, 2008

THE NATIONAL credit crunch means drivers are keeping their cars for longer, analysts at AA Warranty have announced.

Tough times

IMI boss offers solutions to economic uncertainty
Published:  13 March, 2008

COMPANIES need to prepare for tough economic conditions if they are to prosper, the president of the IMI has warned.

Training gains

Expert reveals his top tips for better learning
Published:  13 March, 2008

TRAINING expert Nigel Buchanan has issued a stark warning on the dangers of failing to invest in on-going education.

Skills focus

Your chance to put industry bosses on the spot in Kent
Published:  13 March, 2008

TECHNICIANS in and around Kent will be able to quiz industry big wigs at a free evening event next week.

Powerful compact airflow

Warn Air-Power VTC from Arbil
Published:  12 March, 2008

/>The unit has a maximum pressure rating of 100 psi and an airflow rating of 20 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at zero psi and eight CFM at 90

Lift gives two in one fix

4TC two-post lift from the Garage Equipment Group
Published:  11 March, 2008

/>It comes with an overall height of 4m and three-stage telescopic front lifting arms. A pair of two-stage rear arms gives a reach of up to

Next generation tool

X-431 Tool from Launch Tech
Published:  10 March, 2008

/>It features all the benefits of the X-431 tool with an easy-to-use touch screen, wireless communication, integral CAN Bus technology and much m

Money saving puller kit

10 Ton Hydraulic Puller Kit from Facom
Published:  07 March, 2008

/>All the models feature a simple pump handle system to make pulling gears, bearings, couplings and more as easy as possible. They can also be used on wheels, axles and press-fit compone

Bull barred

Government warns on prosecution risk for illegal bull bars
Published:  07 March, 2008

THE DEPARTMENT for Transport has warned anyone fitting dangerous metal bull bars to vehicles that they could be prosecuted.


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