Borg Automotive

Published:  01 September, 2020

BORG Automotive supply a very wide range of remanufactured automotive parts, offering extensive car parc  coverage. The company has more than 12,000 part numbers across eight different product groups in its range – including both popular and rare units. The reman products are individually tested to ensure a uniform high-quality level. The company says its many years of experience means it can deploy in-depth reverse engineering skills in order to improve on weaknesses identified in OE parts.  Choosing remanufactured components from BORG Automotive also saves up to 79 % energy consumption compared to a new OE or copy unit.

MOT calibration: Snap-on support

Published:  26 August, 2020

Snap-on is offering MOT testing stations the opportunity to sidestep the need to source calibration for existing equipment via a special offer on a fully calibrated SUN DGA5000 emissions analyser.

The company says the equipment can be up and running within days of orders being received, and that those who take up the offer will pay nothing for 90 days. When payment is due, it will be interest-free, with a range of payment options available.
Since the end of the MOT exemption, the number of motorists seeking tests has risen significantly, and in a Special Notice DVSA acknowledged that MOT testing stations may find it difficult to get equipment calibrated. While some leeway was permitted if there was proof that a testing station had a calibration booked, it was also pointed out that business unable to prove their equipment has been calibrated and is functioning normally would not be allowed to perform testing.

Commenting on Snap-on’s offer, UK General Manager Mark Ost said: “We can provide you with our industry-leading SUN DGA5000 emissions analyser. You pay nothing for 90 days, ensuring you can generate some much-needed revenue without the worry of having to make a large lump sum payment straight away.

“With over 500,000 consumers choosing to defer their MOT tests, we know this has been a very challenging time for the whole garage industry.

“The positive news is that industry experts expect that the volume of MOT tests to be carried out from August to early 2021 will be over 2.5 times the usual activity, which will hopefully result in tremendous revenue opportunities.”

Mark added: “We know that the demand for the SUN DGA5000 will be high and so in order to meet our customers’ needs, we have been working hard to build up a stock of available product. Place your order now to ensure you get one of these units before supplies are gone.”

To find out more about the offer, call 01553 692422, alternatively, email or visit

Lions Equipment

Published:  24 August, 2020

Lions Equipment have been selling the LE300, a replacement play detector handset for the UKs’ most popular systems for over three years now. Fully serviceable, the LE300 is a replacement controller for the range of Italian play detectors used by the majority of UK MOT equipment suppliers. Italian play detectors are found on many different branded MOT lifts by Werther, Apac, Snap On, LiftMaster, John Bean, Sun, Hoffman, OMA and Tecalemit among others. Use the handset identification app on their website  to confirm compatibility.

John Bean V2280 wheel aligner

Published:  19 August, 2020

According to Snap-on, the John Bean V2280 wheel aligner is well suited to independent garages, and is designed to be robust. Alignment can be started from the V2280’s home screen, where the vehicle selection process has been improved with a model search capability. Wheel rims from 11in to 22in can be worked on without adaptors and without removing hubcaps thanks to new lightweight wheel clamps. The height of the beam is set via automatic tracking, and its cameras move automatically up and down following the targets.

Autogem unveils I-sensor Pro TPMS device

Published:  18 August, 2020

Autogem has released a new TPMS handheld device. The I-sensor Pro features Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless Bluetooth and an integrated auto-focus camera, allowing for rapid tyre pressure reporting. The handheld device also features an integrated tread depth measuring device, and can duplicate sensors electronically or manually and create a brand new, unique sensor in a short time. It diagnoses sensors at the wheel side and boasts 99% coverage of all direct TPMS vehicles in the UK and also includes American vehicle software coverage as standard.


Published:  17 August, 2020

TRICO is giving away waterproof, hooded jackets that will also be embroidered with the business logo of the winners to five lucky Aftermarket readers.

MAHLE Ozone PRO: no chance for germs, viruses, or odours

Published:  17 August, 2020

The New sanitizing unit from MAHLE uses ozone to provide hygienic sanitation and  protection against infection in vehicle cabins. The unit is fully automated and notifies the user when the disinfection is finished, and the entire process can be controlled and monitored externally with the associated O3-Easy app. Once the sanitization process has been completed, a disinfection report can be printed for the customer if necessary. The MAHLE OzonePRO is also being offered as the O3-NEX under the BRAIN BEE sales brand.

Autogem unveils I-sensor Pro TPMS device

Published:  13 August, 2020

Autogem has released a new TPMS handheld device. The I-sensor Pro features Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless Bluetooth and an integrated auto-focus camera, allowing for rapid tyre pressure reporting. The handheld device also features an integrated tread depth measuring device, and can duplicate sensors electronically or manually and create a brand new, unique sensor in a short time. It diagnoses sensors at the wheel side and boasts 99% coverage of all direct TPMS vehicles in the UK and also includes American vehicle software coverage as standard.

Klarius: New exhausts

Published:  10 August, 2020

Klarius has added a selection of new aftermarket exhausts to its emissions control range. There are new replacement exhaust systems for the 2011-2014 Kia Rio and 2015-2016 Picanto 1.0. New parts are also available for light commercial vehicles including an exhaust system for the 2010-2015 Nissan NV200 1.5 and DPFs for the Fiat Doblo 1.6. Klarius also has new exhausts in stock for Ford's Ecosport 1.0 as well as new systems for the 2012-2016 Honda Civic 1.4. Volkswagen’s Golf 2.0 from 2008 onwards and Passat 1.6 complete the additions.

Airmaster Tiger Air Compressors

Published:  06 August, 2020

Airmaster Tiger Air Compressors are new from Machine Mart. These value air compressors are suitable for DIY and small garage or home workshop use for any job involving spraying, nailing stapling, inflating and more. The compressors feature an air displacement of up to 14.5cfm, a maximum working pressure of 8 Bar and a choice of tanks size of 50 and 100 litres. All models in the range feature fully automatic stop/start controls, twin air outlets for greater versatility and are fitted with a safety valve and pressure regulator with gauge for controlled air pressure.

Snap-on launches new APOLLO-D8 diagnostic scan tool

Published:  03 August, 2020

The APOLLO-D8 is the latest scan tool to be added to the Intelligent Diagnostics family. The device includes SureTrack expert information which delivers top repairs and real fixes for the specific vehicle, as well as DTCs, providing access to information from thousands of garages that have solved the same problem. It also offers Smart Data, which automatically configures the display to show vehicle data PIDs relevant to the fault code, and quick access to functional tests and resets. Accessing the Intelligent Diagnostic functions on the Snap-on APOLLO-D8 requires a software agreement, which will keep the tool updated with the latest information and functionality available.

Textar: New to range expanding locks

Published:  23 July, 2020

Textar has widened its aftermarket product range via the new addition of expanding locks, intended to ensure reliable handbrake function. Damage to expanding locks is common in certain drum brake designs as the condition of the handbrake can only be determined when the brake discs are removed. Most manufacturers recommend replacing expanding locks every four years. Textar, which is manufactured by TMD Friction, covers 99.9% of the UK car parc and includes pads, discs, accessories and brake fluid.

HELLA launches new work lamp

Published:  13 July, 2020

HELLA has introduced the Flat Mounting Solution (FMS) Base and Prime model into its range of auxiliary lamps. The FMS is a flat and compact LED work lamp, designed to be useful in tight spaces and to ensure an evenly lit work area. The flat mounting increases the safety of those working around the vehicle. As no components stick out, there is nothing to cause injury. The FMS is available as a 14-watt Base model, with an output of 1,200 lumens and a 28 watt Prime model, with an output of 2,500 lumens, both available with red, black or white housing options.

Klarius: New exhaust systems

Published:  08 July, 2020

Klarius has introduced  emission control components for a range of vehicles. Vehicle applications covered include Peugeot's 208 1.2, Jaguar's XF 3.0 (2009-2015), Volkswagen Golf 2.0 (2003-2008), the Toyota Prius 1.8, Ford's Fiesta 1.2 and the Fiat Doblo 1.4 van (2014-2018). The Klarius range also now offers full aftermarket systems to fit the Peugeot 407, 407 SW, 508 and Citroen C5. The list is completed by new exhaust mountings for the Nissan Qashqai 1.2 and current models of the BMW 116D.

New starter motors from WAIglobal UK

Published:  01 July, 2020

WAIglobal UK has introduced five new starter motors. They cover a range of makes and models, including Ford’s
C-MAX, Focus, Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo and S-MAX 2.0; Volvo’s S60, S80, V40 and V40 2.5T (2010 – 2017); Vauxhall’s Adam, Astra, Corsa and Viva 1.0 (2014-); BMW’s 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 Series and X3 2.0 (2015-); and finally, BMW’s 1 and 3 Series 1.6 (2012-2017). Guidance on fitting procedures and in-service issues is available as standard when ordering each part.

WIN with Ring Automotive

Published:  25 June, 2020

Ring Automotive have a great prize for one lucky reader of Aftermarket: The RBAG750, the company’s very first 12V and 24V graphical battery analyser.

ABS sensors from Textar

Published:  24 June, 2020

Textar has added ABS sensors to its aftermarket product range. The anti-lock braking system is key to a vehicle’s overall ability to stop, as it monitors wheel behaviour when subjected to heavy braking. Textar has recognised this as a key area when it comes to brake replacement. Textar, which is manufactured by TMD Friction, covers 99.9% of the UK car parc and includes pads, discs, accessories and brake fluid available for next day delivery.

EPS new to range from Shaftec

Published:  22 June, 2020

Shaftec has added a total of 120 new EPS references. The new part numbers span the majority of popular vehicle manufacturers. Of particular note are electric racks for Mercedes-Benz GLC (2015-2019), Hyundai i40 2015, Jaguar XE and XF (2015-) and electric pump for the Dacia Duster (2013-2017). The market for EPS systems has gradually surpassed that of conventional hydraulic steering. The design of the electrical component over the hydraulic offers many advantages including less weight, less maintenance, better response at different speeds, higher durability and lower fuel consumption.

MAHLE: Victor Reinz data overhaul

Published:  19 June, 2020

MAHLE Aftermarket UK has completed the overhaul of Victor Reinz computer catalogue data for MAM Autocat cataloguing system, resulting in greater vehicle coverage for customers. The revised product data now includes product images in full colour, along with all necessary information such as vehicle application data and dimensions. Through MAHLE, customers can access a range of OE Victor Reinz sealing products including head gaskets, head bolt sets, exhaust manifold gaskets, timing case gaskets, oil seals and full engine sets. Both MAM and TecDoc cataloguing systems are all seamlessly updated with the latest information as and when it occurs by Victor Reinz.

New can for TOTAL and ELF

Published:  10 June, 2020

Total Lubrifiants, the company that sells TOTAL lubricants has introduced a new can for its entire range of TOTAL and ELF lubricants. The can features new colours, new labels and a more ergonomic design. It is also lighter, and the reduction in weight will prevent the emission of 9,500 tons of CO2 equivalent each year owing to raw materials savings. Products are identifiable on the new cans via colour coding: Platinum for top-tier, Silver for mid-tier and Bronze for entry range products. Labels have also been redesigned to be clearer and easier to read.

Textar: New to range expanding locks

Published:  03 June, 2020

Textar has widened its aftermarket product range via the new addition of expanding locks, intended to ensure reliable handbrake function. Damage to expanding locks is common in certain drum brake designs as the condition of the handbrake can only be determined when the brake discs are removed. Most manufacturers recommend replacing expanding locks every four years. Textar, which is manufactured by TMD Friction, covers 99.9% of the UK car parc and includes pads, discs, accessories and brake fluid.  

Blue.on from Hengst SE

Published:  28 May, 2020

The Blue.on oil filter system, from Hengst SE has been developed as an alternative to the classic spin-on oil filter. The system consists of a housing and pipe designed as lifetime components with integrated filter bypass and return valve. Added to this is the fully incinerable filter element, the only component that still needs to be replaced when the filter is changed. In addition, Blue.on saves up to 90% of the waste mass produced by conventional spin-on oil filters, thus making an important contribution to environmental protection.

WIN with Launch UK

Published:  26 May, 2020

Launch UK have a great prize for one lucky reader of Aftermarket: a Launch Code Reader Professional CRP123 Premium Edition, worth £210.

Hartridge DPF200 Master

Published:  19 May, 2020

Delphi Technologies has launched the Hartridge DPF200 Master. Restoring the DPF if it is malfunctioning will help to improve fuel economy, improves exhaust function and extends the life of the filter. This new addition joins the company’s existing DPF cleaning range. The software built into the machine automatically includes flow testing and ‘failed cell’ detection diagnostic steps so that a faulty filter can be identified prior to cleaning. With a patented bi-directional dry air cleaning process that pulses high volumes of compressed air at both ends of the filter.

LIQUI MOLY launches Special Tec AA 0W-16

Published:  15 May, 2020

LIQUI MOLY says its new Special Tec AA 0W-16 is the lowest viscosity oil that it has ever launched. It is suitable for selected models from Honda, Lexus, Suzuki and Toyota. Currently it is mainly Japanese car manufacturers that stipulate a viscosity of 0W-16, but manufacturers in other parts of the world are looking to employ ultra-low viscosity lubricants.  The lower the oil viscosity, the less power the engine has to use to pump the oil. This lowers fuel consumption and emission levels accordingly.

Quantum Longlife: 5l cubes

Published:  14 May, 2020

The complete Quantum LongLife Oil range is now available in five litre cubes. The CUBE is 100% recyclable with a mild detergent rinse of the inner bag and has a controlled anti-glug pour. Among those oils available in five litre cubes is Quantum Longlife. Designed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, Quantum Longlife III is a fully synthetic oil for petrol and diesel engines – approved for VW 504 00/507 00 specifications. It is suitable for the extended long-life service intervals on Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat models and is manufactured using Quantum QFX

WAI: further range additions

Published:  13 May, 2020

WAIglobal has added four new starter motors and one alternator to its range of rotating electrics for the second month in a row. The new starter motors cover a number of makes and models, with part number 30565-OS being compatible with Mazda 3, 6, CX5 2.2D (2013-); part number 30584-OS fitting BMW 114i, 116i, 118i, 120i, 316i, 320i (2011 – 2017) applications; part number 30848-OS covering Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 (2005 - 2008); and finally, part number 30853-OS fitting a number of BMW applications, including 114d, 116d, 118d, 120d, 218d, 220d, 316d, 318d, 320d, 418d, 420d, 520d (2013-).The alternator, part number 21055-OS, offers coverage across Ford Galaxy, Mondeo, S-Max 2.0 TDCi (2015-). The new-to-range parts are listed online alongside cross referencing. A full technical support service that provides comprehensive advice on fitting procedures and in-service issues is available as standard when ordering each part.

Klarius: Consolidated 2019 new-to-range parts list

Published:  12 May, 2020

Klarius Products has released a list of every new-to-range component delivered to market in 2019. Incorporating 340 parts - such as aftermarket exhausts, catalytic converters (CATs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and mountings – the list is primarily focussed on popular UK and European vehicle applications. The list is available from their website.

Exol Optima C4 LSR 5W-30 low SAPS engine oil

Published:  06 May, 2020

Exol Lubricants has introduced Optima C4 LSR 5W-30, a fully synthetic low SAPS multigrade engine oil. Meeting the latest ACEA C3 & C4, Renault RN0720 and Mercedes-Benz 229.51, 226.51 specifications, the lubricant is compatible with DPFs. Optima C4 LSR 5W-30 is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines in both passenger cars and LCVs, and is available in a variety of sizes.

Lucas Oil - Low Viscosity Stabilizer

Published:  29 April, 2020

Lucas Oil has launched a new engine oil additive. Low Viscosity Stabilizer is a synthetic additive that aims to help to control emissions, restore lost engine power and protect against dry starts. It is designed for a wide range of lower viscosity synthetic engine oils such as 5w20, 0w30, 0w20 and even 0w-16, making it suitable for use in hybrid cars. Low Viscosity Stabilizer improves oil dispersity inside the engine. This reduces sludge and varnish production inside the engine block, which helps to reduce friction, improve performance and increase efficiency. At the same time, oil oxidisation is inhibited, which extends the protective lifetime of the oil.

Comline adds brake calipers

Published:  27 April, 2020

Comline has added an all-new range of brake calipers to its product range. The newly launched caliper category serves all popular European, Japanese, and Korean vehicles, and comes with a two-year/40,000-mile warranty. Standard cast iron references, all of which are zinc coated to prevent corrosion, are offered alongside aluminium options. In addition, the range includes applications designed to work with electronic parking brakes.


Published:  24 April, 2020

SONNE, the refinish paint in the HELLA brand portfolio, is giving away 20 branded T-shirts to lucky Aftermarket readers.

New to BorgWarner: BERU glow plugs

Published:  23 April, 2020

BorgWarner now holds the aftermarket distribution rights for BERU glow plugs. Developed in collaboration with VMs, BERU’s glowplugs are designed for modern diesel engines, and enable a cold start within two to five seconds, a reliable start at temperatures as low as -30°C, and up to 40% less carbon particle emissions during the short warm-up period.

Autopart: Loyalty module

Published:  20 April, 2020

An add-on loyalty module from MAM Software's Autopart business management software is aiming to help factors and retailers improve customer retention. Through the loyalty module, businesses can run special promotions such as double or bonus points to attract new business to their store. The optional module gives customers the opportunity to earn points when they make a purchase. These are then converted into monetary amounts to be redeemed against future transactions. Business can use their email database to send offers directly to customers if they wish. This is one of a number of add-ons available within Autopart that further extend functionality.

John Bean V2280 wheel aligner

Published:  14 April, 2020

The new John Bean V2280 is designed to be robust, and features an automatic tracking beam, while its cameras move automatically up and down following the targets. The Compensate, Warn and Alert system detects problems with suspension stress and damage, lift, clamps, environment and more. Wheel rims from 11inches to 22inches can be worked on without adaptors and without removing hubcaps thanks to new lightweight wheel clamps. Work can be quickly started from the home screen, and the vehicle selection process has also been improved with a model search capability. As a result, a vehicle’s alignment history can be easily stored and recovered.

WIN with Snap-on

Published:  26 March, 2020

One hundred years ago, we set out to make tools and we ended up making history!  It started with a spark and since that moment we’ve made sure every Snap-on innovation, every refinement, every new way to save time, improve safety and take on more jobs has found its way into the hands that inspired it.  We have created some of the most avid brand loyalists…YOU! We’d like to hear how your journey with Snap-on has evolved over the years and celebrate your stories.

Snap-on: New wheel alignment spec updates

Published:  12 March, 2020

Snap-on has released a number of wheel alignment specifications updates. The latest update adds coverage for almost 300 models across 35 makes – and makes sure that existing inclusions are up to date with any new specs direct from manufacturers. Garages that take up the update will find that all Volkswagen Group and Mercedes-Benz models are now covered. Ongoing accuracy is promised by the fact that each model spec is updated every year. The specification release is available for all currently-supported Hofmann and John Bean aligners.

Lemförder switchable engine mounts

Published:  12 March, 2020

Under its Lemförder brand, ZF Aftermarket has introduced a range of switchable engine mounts for a number of Audi and Mercedes Benz models. Using an integrated air spring this can actuate two different characteristic curves depending on vehicle and rotational speed. The mounts are currently available for Audi and Mercedes-Benz vehicle models and includes the Audi A4, A5, A6, Q5, Q7 and Mercedes C and E Class, GLK, GLC. ZF Aftermarket recommends that all engine mounts always be replaced during repairs, not just the defective part. Otherwise, there is a risk that the new component will have to absorb higher forces and vibrations because the remaining mounts are already heavily worn which may accelerate subsequent damage.

Euro Car Parts stock GKN

Published:  12 March, 2020

Euro Car Parts is now stocking the latest components from GKN. Featuring Countertrack (SX) joints, Ballspline technology and propshaft designs, GKN’s parts are available for many vehicle models. GKN’s Countertrack SX joints use an S-shaped track profile and counter-running ball tracks. Meanwhile, driveshafts with Ballspline technology match the OE driveshaft while incorporating ball-bearing slide compensation. Using a high-precision linear motion bearing, the Ballspline plunge unit permits zero-backlash axial displacement while transmitting torque, bringing high performance in a compact size with stability and accuracy during acceleration, deceleration and at high speeds. Also available from ECP, GKN Automotive’s propshaft range includes a variety of constant velocity joints that combine Ballspline and SX Countertrack joint technologies and several pipe materials to match specific application demands.

Wheel cylinders enter National programme

Published:  12 March, 2020

National Auto Parts has launched a new range of wheel cylinders for the aftermarket. Launching with an initial range of 100 part numbers covering the most popular vehicles in the UK, the range will see further range extensions through 2020.Vehicle makes covered by the new range include: Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Seat and Volkswagen. Supplied in the yellow National packaging, wheel cylinders come complete with brake pressure regulating valves, included where necessary as per OE design. The new range of wheel cylinders are made from cast aluminium, extruded aluminium or cast iron aluminium depending on OE specifications. Using EPDM rubber, used for piston seals, wheel cylinders comply with SAE J101:2006 international standards.

Klarius: New aftermarket exhausts now available

Published:  12 March, 2020

Klarius has added new exhaust systems to its product range, suitable for a wide selection of popular hatchbacks and saloons including the Mini Cooper and Skoda Octavia. Additional parts now available include full exhaust systems for the Hyundai I20 1.2, the Seat Leon 1.6 (2012-), the Renault Grand Modus 1.5, the Peugeot 208 1.2, Vauxhall’s Insignia 2.0 and Volkswagen’s Golf 2.0 (2013 -).

First Line: Oil sumps

Published:  12 March, 2020

First Line offers a range of more than 20 oil sumps that cater for the most popular applications. The range is manufactured using aluminium or steel depending on the OE fitment, with all steel sumps having a powder coating to ensure longevity and extra resistance against corrosion. All sumps include a pre-fitted plug and are gasket free. Alongside this is a range of 11 sump plugs, which are available to buy separately, including the plastic sump plug for VAG Golf, A3 and A4. These plugs are usually supplied in five-packs.

VXPRO Lambda consolidation

Published:  16 March, 2020

ELTA Automotive has rationalised the range of Lambda sensors it offers in its VXPRO range. The range is smaller, but the level of coverage has been maintained. This was achieved by concentrating on the length of the cables, which is what resulted in the need for so many part numbers previously. By retaining the matching OE sensor/connector combination and ensuring the cable is always equal to or slightly longer than the OE part, but never with more than 300mm excess length, the ELTA team has consolidated the VXPRO range to maintain the same vehicle coverage, from a fifth of the part numbers.

New NGK ignition leads

Published:  09 March, 2020

NGK has introduced a new range of ignition lead sets in the UK. The range has more than 40 part numbers including copper core, carbon and inductive resistor types. According to NGK, the range offers high resistance to heat and vibration, as well as excellent electrical conductivity and performance under extreme conditions. The launch followed the 2019 introduction of a new range of NTK camshaft and crankshaft sensors, which themselves followed the introduction of 20 new wide band Lambda sensors – commonly referred to as ‘5-wire’ Lambda sensors.

AS-PL: New alternator

Published:  01 March, 2020

AS-PL has released a new alternator in its Standard Line under the AS brand. The product, designated A3341S, can be used in the Hyundai ix35, Kia Ceed, Kia Sportage and the Kia Venga. AS-PL offers more than 17,000 different products with a total of almost 250,000 reference numbers. A wide selection of original products is divided into three product lines: Economy, Standard and Premium. The offered products include parts and components for passenger cars, lorries and other markets.  

Launch UK: Eurotab II launched

Published:  06 March, 2020

Launch UK has unveiled the X431 Eurotab II diagnostics tool. The product includes all the features in the previous Eurotab model, but with more as standard such as Diagnostic over Internet Protocol (DoIP), J2534 pass-through online programming, DTC-based database and intelligent diagnosis. The tool supports dual 5 GHz Wi-Fi communication, built to IP65 protection level standards. The product also supports matching, coding, programming, service lamp resetting, throttle matching, steering angle resetting and, brake pad resetting. It comes with a docking station and brand-new Connector Smartbox v3.0 – a diagnostics box developed by Launch to support multiple communication models such as USB, bluetooth, WiFi, DoIP and multiple diagnostics protocols including J2534.The Smartbox software switches to the DoIP mode automatically for any vehicle that requires diagnosis over internet protocol. Additionally, the device automatically alternates between DoIP and normal diagnosis without user action needed for even faster vehicle diagnosis.

WIN with Dayco

Published:  28 February, 2020

Dayco is giving each reader of Aftermarket the chance to win one of five brilliant backpacks. All you have to do is learn a little about thermostats, something Dayco knows a lot about, having recently introduced a range to its portfolio.   The role of the thermostat is to effectively control the flow of coolant around the cooling system and allow the engine to reach its optimum working temperature as quickly as possible.

CTEK: New battery charger and power management system

Published:  25 February, 2020

CTEK has launched a 20A DC/DC battery charger and a 120A power management system. Compatible with smart alternators, the CTEK D250SE delivers 20A of power to charge, condition and maintain any 12V service battery while on the move. Its dual input capability means it can also draw power from solar sources. Meanwhile, the CTEK SMARTPASS 120S is a fully automatic 120A power management system that distributes power between the starter battery, the service battery and on board equipment, without the need for traditional diodes or VSR relays. Each unit comes with a two year warranty.

New brake references from Comline

Published:  24 February, 2020

Comline has added a number of new R90-approved brake pads and fully coated brake discs to its range. CBP32370/CBP32373 are a set of front/rear brake pads applicable to the Vauxhall Insignia (2017 -). CBP02365 are front brake pads for Audi models including the A4 (2015-) A5 (2016-) and Q5 (2016-). CBP02354 are front brake pads for the Citroen Dispatch (2016-), Jumpy (2016-), Space Tourer (2016-), and the Peugeot Expert (2016-), Traveller (2016-), as well as the Toyota Proace (2016-). ADC2921V are coated discs for the MAN TGE (2016-), VW Amarok (2016-) and Crafter (2016-). Lastly, ADC2931V are coated discs for Jaguar’s F-Pace (2016-), XE (2015-) and XF (2015).

EZ Oil Drain

Published:  18 February, 2020

DK Smith International is introducing its range of EZ Oil Drain Valves to the UK. The company says the design of the drain valves makes them simple to install. The company offer a wide range of thread types, fitting most automotive and industrial engines. The one touch operation, according to DK Smith, reduces the time and cost to carry out oil changes. The EZ Oil Drain Valve permanently replaces the drain plug, eliminating the chance of stripping threads every time an oil change is required. Fitting an optional hose nipple will allows the draining of the oil directly into a secure container, reducing contact with hot oil, reducing mess and reducing the chance of contaminating the environment. The ball valve design provides a seal when closed, for leak proof operation. For automotive and HGV aftermarket customers, DK Smith is now also providing a free dust cap.


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