Combining into one

Online workshop tool from Autodata
Published:  07 June, 2016

Autodata has launched a new dedicated module to their Online Workshop Tool for changing brakes, saving workshops time and protecting them from the cost of incorrect procedures.

Keeping catalogues

Spark plugs from NGK
Published:  02 June, 2016

Keeping catalogues up to date allows companies to give its customers the right parts, the right information and most importantly, the right price.

Batteries for all occassions

Batteries from Varta
Published:  01 June, 2016

VARTA batteries is highlighting its Dynamic range as a solution for automotive and commercial vehicle requirements.

Keeping it cool

Air conditioning from Snap-on
Published:  31 May, 2016

With the summer upon us it is time to invest in your air conditioning kit. The Sun Koolkare range from Snap-on offers air-con recycling designed for modern workshops that deal with all kinds of differing vehicle systems.

Pimp your hose

Silicone hoses from Forge Motorsport
Published:  30 May, 2016

Silicone hoses are more resilient and for most, look good too. The latest upgrade from Forge Motorsport is a race-quality intake hose for Audi's RS3 'hot hatch'. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory part, and featuring precise diameter apertures as per the original, to allow each hose to connect directly to the OEM fittings, the Forge upgrade offers enhancement over the original, with a much greater resistance to heat-cycling and fatigue, making it ideal for tuned, tracked or competition cars.

Keeping it cool

Air conditioning from GSF Car Parts
Published:  26 May, 2016

As the time comes for garages to start work on a potential influx of air conditioning jobs, GSF Car Parts is offering an extended range to make the most of new labour-saving features.

Clean and easy

Additives from Diesel Power Plus
Published:  24 May, 2016

Contamination of the diesel system can lead to a number of problems, the least of which is a blocked DPF. Sometimes a regeneration is not the only thing that needs doing as pipes can also become clogged with soot and other deposits.

Wipe away

Wipers from Trico
Published:  19 May, 2016

Two of the most safety critical systems on a vehicle are often the ones least checked by drivers. Yet tyres and windscreen wipers play a critical role in the way we drive. Of the two, windscreen wiper efficiency is perhaps seen as the lesser critical, yet according to TRICO, 90% of all driving decisions are based on visual clues, underlining the importance of having a clear windscreen.

Automated gas service

Air Conditioning from Blyth Equipment
Published:  16 May, 2016

Updating your equipment to take advantage of air conditioning means you can also take advantage of changes in technology, especially the addition of a gas analyser which can detect the refrigerant coming out of a vehicle and reducing the chance of contamination.

Max power!

Additives from Power Maxed
Published:  12 May, 2016

The Power Maxed range is made up of automotive cleaning, additives, lubricants and spray products which have been developed with top level race teams in the UK including a British/World GP Motocross Team and its own British Touring Car Championship race team Power Maxed Racing.

Green refrigerant

Air conditioning from Hella
Published:  05 May, 2016

In common with other developing areas of the automotive industry, components, systems and fitting regulations are under constant review and are therefore subject to change. This is true of the air conditioning industry as well.

Branding upgrade

Ignition leads and coils from WAIglobal
Published:  28 April, 2016

Following its rebranding exercise, WAIglobal has now included its range of ignition leads and coils in its new corporate identity and packaging, under the brand name WAI.

Sealed and delivered

PAYEN, a brand of Fedral-Mogul Motorparts gaskets
Published:  28 April, 2016

PAYEN, a brand of Fedral-Mogul Motorparts, has launched two new high-performing gasket sealing technologies, Coriuseal and Coriusim.

Keeping your cool!

Cooling systems MAHLE
Published:  25 April, 2016

The cooling system of a vehicle is a precise mix of fluids and mechanical parts working together to ensure the engine is not damaged by the extreme heats it can produce. The system therefore need to be working at peak efficiency with no serious contamination while checks need to be completed on a regular basis. A problem with the cooling system can have a serious effect on various engine parts.

Tension mounting

Tension mounting parts from INA
Published:  21 April, 2016

INA has announced it has added tensioner parts for more than 17 million vehicles over the last 12 months. It has recently added a range of timing belt kits with water pump and INA Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) kits, containing the belt/belts, tensioners, idler/deflection pulleys; Over Running Alternator Pulleys (OAPs) and water pump where required.

Pump it up!

Mechanical water pump from Dayco
Published:  14 April, 2016

Dayco has announced it will launch its first stand-alone mechanical water pump program in the UK this March. The initial range provides coverage for 90% of the UK vehicle parc, which equates to approximately 27 million vehicles.

Stick it to them

Promotion from Comma oil
Published:  12 April, 2016

Members of the Comma Professional Partner Program (PPP) have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive member only StickerSmart promotion until May 31st 2016.

Making an impact

Hand tools from Chicago Pneumatic
Published:  07 April, 2016

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new straight impact wrench line for the heavy vehicle service market. The CP7763D and CP7773D series is a compact and lightweight impact wrench that provides durability and power for general mechanic applications and tyre changing on light trucks and heavy vehicles. Thanks to the new D-handle design and the various ergonomic features of the impact wrench, users are provided with greater stability when holding the tool and increased user comfort than alternative models.

Brake range extension

Brakes from Brake Engineering
Published:  05 April, 2016

Brake Engineering has extended its product range with the addition of six new parts, including four new brake calipers and two new brake discs.

An obvious return

Lubricants from Morris Lubricants
Published:  01 April, 2016

Last year's CV Show saw Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants secure significant supply deals with a number of well-known haulage and commercial vehicle fleet operators, meaning exhibiting in 2016 was always going to happen.

Consolidation sparks upgrade

Ignition from Denso
Published:  31 March, 2016

The number of spark plugs available on the market, with some different types for the same application, means garages have a wide and sometimes confusing choice to offer their customers.

Batteries on the button

Batteries from Yuasa
Published:  28 March, 2016

The ability to look up product information quickly can save garages time and effort. This is even truer when the information is available at the touch of a button.

Tackling harshness

Diagnostics from Pico Technology
Published:  24 March, 2016

Pico Technology brings a new level of functionality and ease of use to its PicoScope NVH Diagnostic kit. The system provides technicians with the tools to tackle troublesome vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) problems that are significant reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Sensor issues

Sensors from NGK
Published:  22 March, 2016

NGK says distributors should help educate garages by ensuring they fit a new NTK Lambda sensor whenever they replace a vehicle's catalytic convertor. A worn or failed sensor can result in drastically reduced control of the fuelling system which could result in increased fuel consumption, uneven running, generally poor performance or failure of an emission test, so replacement is good news for the customer, garage and distributor.

New to range for old and new

Exhausts from Klarius
Published:  17 March, 2016

Klarius Products has started 2016 by supplying new quality type-approved emissions components to the UK aftermarket. The latest new-to-range parts list from Klarius includes 48 parts covering 70 product applications for a wide variety of vehicles, with the company's resolution to release new parts into the market on a daily basis the priority for the New Year.

A blend of additives

Lubricants from Exol Lubricants
Published:  10 March, 2016

Exol Lubricants' new generation, fully synthetic, multigrade engine oil, Optima LSG 5W-30, has been upgraded to a more advanced additive package to now include all Mercedes-Benz diesel cars fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter.

One for all

Filters from Comline
Published:  08 March, 2016

When it comes to supplying filters, it makes sense to have an 'all makes' philosophy, enabling the garage to choose one supplier for any vehicle that enters their workshop. This philosophy is followed by Comline, who have announced the addition of 40 new filter numbers, covering 110 different European, Japanese and Korean applications.

Expanding the Gulf

Gulf oils and lubricants from Certas Energy
Published:  03 March, 2016

Certas Energy is the exclusive distributor of Gulf oils and lubricants in the UK and has been supplying the market with Gulf products through its distribution centres for many years. The full Gulf product range is available from the company, who hold over one million litres of lubricants at its national network of distribution centres, able to deliver anywhere in the UK.

Remanufacturing the whole device

Remanufactured components from ACtronics
Published:  01 March, 2016

When it comes to remanufacturing of electronic automotive components, the ability to use a company that understands such products, with experience in true remanufacturing, including the repair of components that could cause problems, is key. ACtronics remanufactured components will have an equal quality compared to a new one and your margin will be better than with a new part, thanks to the company's approach.

Increasing MOT increases revenue

One-person Test Lane from Snap-on
Published:  29 February, 2016

You may already have an MOT bay and are looking to increase your revenue by adding a second, or are a one-man workshop considering moving into testing vehicles. The best solution to either of these situations is to consider a one-person Test Lane, such as that offered by Sun.

Testing times for batteries

Battery tester from Bosch
Published:  26 February, 2016

The ability to test a battery when a car comes into your workshop could mean an additional sale or a satisfied customer who can see you are doing more than what you are asked. The portable battery tester BAT 131 from Bosch is perfectly suitable for testing 6V and 12V starter batteries (lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries). The cold cranking current can be set as required between 100A and 2000A according to the standards CCA, JIS, SAE, EN, DIN and IEC. The load free test procedure provides fast, precise and reliable measurement results. The battery tester has a robust housing specially designed for workshop requirements. The enhanced user interface enables simple and intuitive operation.

Eco warriors

Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads from Federal-Mogul
Published:  25 February, 2016

Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads are now fitted on the new Audi A4, further enhancing the OE approval of its new braking technology.

Maintaining standards

Battery charger and support unit from CTEK
Published:  22 February, 2016

With 1 in 4 vehicles arriving in the workshop with a battery problem it's more important than ever to ensure that the battery is supported if you are undertaking repairs, testing electrical circuits, carrying out diagnostic procedures, flash programming ECUs or programming vehicle keys. Using a battery support unit will protect the battery against failure, saving technician time, insuring against costly programming failures and preventing possible costly damage to the ECU.

A fluid MOT

Brake fluid from Comma
Published:  18 February, 2016

Despite it being one of the most safety-critical vehicle components, brake fluid - specifically the temperature-tested condition of brake fluid - is completely ignored in the annual MOT test. While this surprising omission has never been satisfactorily explained by the DVSA, nationwide research initiated by Comma and conducted through independent workshops showed that the brake fluid in over half (52%) of the cars tested at 200°C or less and therefore needed replacement sooner rather than later in order to restore full braking efficiency. Most disturbingly, nearly a third (29%) had a potentially lethal temperature reading of 181°C or less and needed immediate brake fluid replacement.

The football tyre

Chelsea branded tyres from Yokohama Rubber Company
Published:  15 February, 2016

The Chelsea FC Edition of the BluEarth-A AE50 tyre is a specially-branded version of Yokohama's successful environmental product aimed at fans of the English football Club. It follows the announcement prior to the start of this football season, of the partnership between Yokohama Rubber Company and Chelsea FC, which saw the Japanese manufacturer become the 'Official shirt partner' of the premiership team.

The can can

Brake cleaner from Holts
Published:  11 February, 2016

General build-up of elements such as dirt, grease, and grime, can work together to significantly affect braking performance. To ensure the longevity of brakes it is crucial to keep up maintenance and this starts with making sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Use the force

Hand tools from Red 5
Published:  08 February, 2016

When it comes to tools, using the force can quite literally be the case. Yet for the Star Wars fan, especially with the new trilogy already underway, there is now a multi-tool that can be carried in the pocket and used around the workshop.

Torqueing up

Digital torque ratchets from Laser Tools
Published:  04 February, 2016

These new digital torque ratchets from Laser Tools are designed to secure fasteners that need to be tightened to lower torque figures and when therefore over-tightening is a real risk. Smaller in length than a full sized torque wrench, they give a convenient and functional solution to this risk of over-tightening.

Quality hoses

Turbo Hoses from First Line
Published:  01 February, 2016

Alongside its premium quality First Line Turbo Hoses, the First Line Group (FLG) has now introduced a set of replacement pressure hoses for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) on the Ford Mondeo IV, as they are prone to premature failure.

The right information

Batteries from Manbat
Published:  31 January, 2016

The ability to verify the battery you need to fit to a vehicle is increasingly important, with manufacturers adding to their support in this area to help technicians save time and money.

Get your heating on

Induction tool from SIP
Published:  30 January, 2016

The ability to remove suborn rusted parts or metallic components can often require the use of a heat inductor. SIP Industrial Products have therefore released their new Induction Tool (06434) to aid technicians in such circumstances.

Jump to it

Power starter from Sealey
Published:  29 January, 2016

Sealey's new 12V Electrostart Batteryless Power Starter, the E/START600 does exactly what it says on the case. It does not use a conventional lead acid or lithium battery to provide its power, instead relying on ultracapacitors and some clever patented electronics which maximise a discharged battery's voltage.

Fuel reduction through lubrication

Lubricants from Fuchs
Published:  28 January, 2016

Lubricant manufacturer FUCHS has released a new engine oil which it claims can reduce fuel consumption by around 4%.

Glow plugs now in at ECP

Glow plugs from ECP
Published:  27 January, 2016

Euro Car Parts now stocks a new range of aftermarket glow plugs by European original equipment manufacturer, Hidria.

Braking the barriers

Braking range from Comline
Published:  26 January, 2016

Following on from a successful 2015 in which it was names as one of '1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain' by the London Stock Exchange for a second year, Comline has hit the ground running this year with a total of 23 new additions to its ever-evolving braking range.

Making an impact

Butterfly impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic
Published:  25 January, 2016

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new butterfly impact wrench as part of its new series of ultra-compact vehicle service air tools. The wrench is lightweight and 15% smaller than its predecessor, offering technicians access and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The mini butterfly impact wrench has been added to Chicago Pneumatic's portfolio in response to user demand for smaller, lighter tools ideal for transmission and engine repair works, body panels, oil pans, ignitions, motorcycle repair and vehicle seats.

No more winter woes

Batteries from Hella
Published:  24 January, 2016

Winter months have traditionally placed far more pressure on a vehicle electrical system and the battery in particular. Today's modern cars now have twice as many electric motors, systems and technologies than a decade ago including electric seats, power windows, electric handbrake and most recently, stop/start technology. All place far more pressure on the electrical system and ultimately on the battery.

Brembo comes to the Euros

Brembo range of premium brake pads and discs from Euro Car Parts
Published:  22 January, 2016

Euro Car Parts has announced that it will stock a full range of premium brake pads and discs by braking system manufacturer Brembo.

Grinding gears

Composite angle grinder from Chicago Pneumatic
Published:  19 January, 2016

Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its first composite angle grinder for the vehicle service market. The new CP75XX series boasts a powerful 1.1HP (840W) governed motor, providing a high material removal rate enabling users to reduce the time taken to complete their tasks. The new series is available in 4-inch, 4.5-inch and 5-inch grinding wheels, cutting wheels, flap wheels; providing users with added versatility to best suit their application.

Simple diagnostics

Diagnostics from Bosch
Published:  15 January, 2016

Sometimes we can forget that the simple things in life are the best. The Bosch OBD 100 is such an example, a simple diagnostic code reader that offers the ability to display the information you need without plugging in your bulky tools.


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