Get tooled up

Hand Tools from Draper
Published:  09 June, 2014

A 13-piece Hi-Torq metric coloured combination spanner set from Draper Tool's Expert range includes colours which represent a different size. The tools are forged from chrome vanadium steel which has been hardened, tempered and coloured chrome plated. The set is supplied on a wall mountable storage rack. A Workshop Deluxe Tool Kit is supplied in a large, portable roller cabinet and includes everything from hacksaws to wrenches, cutting wheels to pliers and lots more.

Something for all

Lifts from Bradbury
Published:  06 June, 2014

A plethora of lifts are available from Bradbury Equipment, from 4-post lifts to specialist wheel free lifts for use on 4x4 vehicles and standard vans. As well as 2-post lifts, the company also offer Hybrid lifts, which boast space saving properties, as they do not take up the space of a 4-post lift and do not have a scissor mechanism beneath, allowing users to walk under the platforms. Manual and air operated hydraulic jacking beams are also available from Bradbury.

New era for data supplier

Diagnostics from Autodata
Published:  05 June, 2014

Access to technical information is a vital ingredient in effective diagnostics and repair and Autodata has changed the way it delivers the latest information to users. Its web-based product is designed to be more intuitive for users in the way it delivers service and maintenance procedures and more detailed data for diagnostic work and repair. A Service & Maintenance package provides essential info needed to carry out day to day servicing and maintenance including manufacturers' service schedules, illustrations and details on timing belts and chains. A Repair & Diagnostic package details diagnostic procedures, instructions and illustrations for more complex jobs, providing trouble codes, known fixes, bulletins and wiring diagrams, in addition to the information supplied in the Service & Maintenance package.

Italian style

Alloy wheels from Momo
Published:  04 June, 2014

A new range of wheels has been created by Italian styling firm Momo, to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The M-50 has ten blade-like spokes and a large centre cap which covers the fixing bolts. The wheel comes in Hypersilver finish and four or five stud fitments. It is compatible with runflats and TPMSs, sizes 16" to 18" are offered.

Mini features

Diagnostics from Texa
Published:  03 June, 2014

A compact diagnostic tablet, the AXONE 4 Mini features many of the functions incorporated in Texa's bigger version, yet all centred around a 7" resistive touch screen. Connecting to the vehicle via a Bluetooth module allows technicians to work unobstructed anywhere on the vehicle, while the IDC4 PM software allows for ease of use with a simple app-based layout and swipe screen continuation to aid navigation through diagnostic functions. All of this in a unit that has been homologated to military standards for its robustness. It is also WiFi enabled for internet connectivity, giving direct access to information updates.

Raise your service level with a new lift

Lifts from Tecalemit
Published:  03 June, 2014

A comprehensive range of lifting equipment is available from Tecalemit, encompassing two and four-post lifts, scissor lifts and ATL and MOT lifts. Mobile column and even single post and other specialist lifts are offered. The company has been supplying 4-post lifts for over 80 years and the latest range includes service, MOT and wheel alignment lifts with capacities from 3.5t to 6.0t. Its service lifts incorporate a jacking rail and can be installed into a floor recess or surface mounted. Class IV and VII MOT lifts include radius turning plates, auto chock drive-on ramps, electronic latch release and meet all technical requirements set out by VOSA. Its wheel alignment range can be used with 4 wheel laser, CCD and 3D imaging systems. Wheel-free operation is possible with auxiliary lifting scissor tables.

Electronics testing

Diagnostics from Bosch
Published:  02 June, 2014

The FSA 500 oscilloscope enables advanced testing of electrical and electronic components and designed to be an affordable route into Bosch equipment. The scope has two and four-channel models and is supplied with pre-set component and ignition test functions and a two-channel multimeter for use on bus systems, including CAN. A signal generator simulates sensor signals and these can be customised. The FSA 500 runs off a battery and connects wirelessly to a PC which runs the Compacsoft software. This means it can be placed in the engine bay during tests and linked to the technical data on the PC. Comprehensive technical information in the form of ESI[tronic] software provides you with service bulletins which highlight typical faults for specific models. The addition of a Bosch KTS module provides actual values from the control unit displayed in real time, you can display live scope patterns beside live data. FSA software sets up the correct axis for your particular test and gives example waveforms. The tool is Euro 5 pass-thru compatible and can also be used to carry out any software updates the vehicle may need using the manufacturer's Euro 5 website.

Low cost repair system

Leak detection from Ring
Published:  28 May, 2014

UV dyes are perfect for finding leaks, especially 'invisible' leaks involving air conditioning gas. Ring Automotive has an inspection lamp and a range of UV dyes to detect leaks involving oil and fuel, the coolant and air con system as well as surface water leaks.

F1 car care

Consumables from Car Plan
Published:  28 May, 2014

Car Plan has announced it is to continue its partnership with the Marussia Formula 1 team for a third successive year. The team will use the company's products, based on Nanomeric technology, to keep the cars cleaned before they take to the track, or appear in front of the cameras. Car Plan's Auto Finish Mirror Gloss Sealant is one product used to help improve water repellence, as well as aid aerodynamics by ensuring the surface remains smooth. The company's Brake and Parts Cleaner is also used to clean pit garage floors during the 19 race meetings around the world.

Get a first-time fix

Diagnostics software from James Dillon
Published:  27 May, 2014

A 15% discount on version 13 of the Diagnostic Assistance software, written by James Dillon, is available to all Top Technician entrants during May. The software is said to be an ideal companion for a scan tool, designed to help you diagnose faults more accurately and quickly to achieve a first-time fix. Version 13 covers 414 different topics, including 182 comparative waveforms and guided component tests on 95 different sensors and actuators. If you have previously entered Top Technician, use the discount code 'TopTech15' during May at to get 15% off - you can enter Top Tech 2015 at in order to receive the online test this Autumn and qualify to use this code.

Service the latest systems

Air conditioning from Mahle
Published:  26 May, 2014

The ArcticPro 200yf service unit is designed for servicing the latest vehicles with air con systems using the R1234yf refrigerant and is available from Mahle. A mobile analysis unit identifies the refrigerant used and can be left to run an automated sequence or programmed manually. Standard AC systems are also catered for by the Behr ACxpert 1000a unit for systems using R134a refrigerant. The equipment is backed by a network for maintenance, servicing and technical support.

A powerful press

Tyre changers from Pro-Align
Published:  23 May, 2014

Pro-Align's range of tyre changers has grown with the addition of the TCX 578 and TCX 565 models. The TCX 578 leverless model avoids damaging rims and uses an intuitive central clamping system, accommodating wheels ranging from 12" to 32". A powerful bead press system is said to make demounting and match-mounting the tyres an easy task. Meanwhile, the TCX 565 is a more traditional piece of equipment offering big power in a lower tech package. It can accomodate a similarly large range of wheel sizes and has a two speed, high-torque motor. Both systems feature Hunter's automatic space-saving swing arm column.

Lower cost of repairs

Bodyshop products from PPG
Published:  22 May, 2014

The Nexa Autocolor Spot Blender from PPG is designed to help painters achieve a seamless fade out. It is supplied ready for use in both a can and an aerosol depending on the type of repair and combines ease of application with fast process times. Both are said to provide very good wetting of the paint surface and can be applied directly to the repair edge for a smooth appearance and requires minimal polishing.

Able to find that cable?

Parts catalogue from First Line
Published:  21 May, 2014

The 2014 cables catalogue is available from First Line, which claims to be the largest supplier of replacement cables for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The tome contains more than 700 new references, including over 2,000 brake cables, 364 clutch cables (many self-adjusting) in addition to 90 accelerator and 57 speedo cables. Schematic drawings and technical data are provided for each part number.

Parts for older cars

Air conditioning from Hella
Published:  20 May, 2014

Hella has introduced 126 alternative products into its compressor and condenser range. These are offered in parallel to the original spare part and are particularly suited for repairs on older cars where maintenance costs need to take into account the vehicle's value.

Starting transmission

Lubricants from Carlube
Published:  19 May, 2014

Almost half a million miles of road testing has resulted in Carlube MTF-U, which completes its range of universal transmission fluids. The firm says that garages will now only need to stock six different types of gearbox oil to cover 97% of the UK's cars. MTF-U comes in two viscosities, 75W-80 and 75W-90 and are designed to cover the widest range of performance parameters for manual transmission fluid. Shazad Shah, technical development manager for Carlube Oils, said: "It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that you no longer need gearbox oil as so many modern gearboxes are designed to be filled for life. However, as everyone in the industry knows, the moment a gearbox has to be repaired or replaced, it needs to be filled with oil." One of the six oils is DCT-U, which is designed for the latest Ford, VW Group and BMW dual clutch transmissions. CVT-U is for when a continuously variable transmission needs to be repaired.

Leak testing

Air conditioning from Hella Naussbaum
Published:  15 May, 2014

Two new Hella Naussbaum automatic aircon machines join the garage equipment arm of Euro Car Parts. The first is the Husky 150 for R134a systems on both cars and HGVs, including hybrids fitted with internal automatic flushing systems. The built-in vehicle database can be updated via a USB port and functions include auto flushing and moisture evacuation. Optional extras available are a 24 column ticket printer, AC performance tester, leak testing and push pull flushing. The second unit is the Husky 300 which includes a leak tester, cooling performance tester, 700cc cooler dryer, temperature probe and a 24 column ticket printer. Upgrades for this machine include a touchscreen PC, a wireless networking capability and wireless thermometer kit.

Take on new tasks with software upgrade

Diagnostics from Snap-on
Published:  14 May, 2014

Snap-on's new 14.2 software is designed to help workshops make the most of their diagnostic tools. Covering 98% of the new vehicle parc, the software upgrade for its range of hand-held scan tools contains over a million pieces of data. It includes up-to-date model coverage for the majority of manufacturers up to 2013, enabling independent garages to work on some of the newest vehicles on the road and avoid lost revenue by having to send a car to a franchised dealer for diagnostic-related problems to be solved. Examples of tasks you can now undertake with this include reprogramming the battery following replacement on the new F generation BMWs and locking the airbag on a Renault Megane III or Scenic III to carry out work on the body. New engines have also been added to the Component Test Meter (CTM) function, which now includes models from Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Renault and Volkswagen. Fresh content is available in the Troubleshooter Case Study section, which provides information to diagnose and repair complex problems and the Fast-Track Troubleshooter function receives enhanced updates for Fiat and Land Rover.

Igniting a new urban crossover

Spark plugs from NGK
Published:  13 May, 2014

The latest innovation from Renault leaves the factory line with NGK spark plugs. Spokesman Tim Ward comments: "We have had a long and successful relationship with Renault over many years and our spark plugs are used not only in its engines but also those produced in alliance with Nissan and Dacia." The Captur urban crossover is equipped with the Energy TCe 120 four-cylinder petrol engine and has an Efficient Dual-Clutch gearbox. The spark plug used has an extra-long reach M12 thread with a centre electrode which features an Iridium tip of 0.6mm diameter and a platinum tip on the ground electrode. The plugs have a 37,000 mile life and the gap of 0.7mm is said to stay almost unchanged during that time, thanks to the precious metal.

Automatic servicing

Air conditioning from Bosch
Published:  09 May, 2014

Routine servicing of the air con system helps motorists avoid expensive repairs and Bosch has two new servicing units for the job. Both offer a fully automatic service for refrigerant recovery, recycling and recharge but they can be used manually too on cars and trucks. It has an integrated vehicle database that provides quick information on air con parameters before the service starts. The accuracy of the precision scales is +/- 5 grams and is able to measure the levels of refrigerant and UV additive used and new oil in the fluid containers.

Toyota Aygo service bulletin

Clutch kits from Blue Print
Published:  08 May, 2014

There are more than 830 part numbers in Blue Print's clutch kit programme, covering nearly 2,200 Asian and American applications. Clutch cables, hoses, master cylinders and slave cylinders are also provided. Clutch kits are covered by a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty against manufacturing defects. The firm keeps a close eye on vehicle recalls and service bulletins and one part that has been identified to fail prematurely is the clutch on the 1.0 Toyota Aygo, which also fits the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1. Drivers began to complain about clutch slip and noise, a funny smell and a total failure of the OE clutch at around 40,000 miles. Toyota issued a bulletin saying that all clutch replacements should be conducted using a larger clutch assembly, replacing the original 180mm clutch with a larger 190mm unit, which can be sourced as a kit from Blue Print. A further bulletin from Toyota stated this would not solve the whole problem and that clutch pedal free play must be checked and adjusted at every 9,000 mile service interval as the amount of free play in the pedal reduces, so does the amount of pressure applied by the clutch cover, which speeds up wear.

Aligners, tools and training

Tyre bay equipment from Tyre Bay Direct
Published:  07 May, 2014

The range of equipment available from Tyre Bay Direct has grown steadily over the past 50 years it has been trading to include everything from tyre changers, wheel aligners, lifting equipment, wheel balancers, tools, jacks and TPMS, as well as a large range of consumables. The firm says it has helped many customers start their tyre business from scratch and its team is able to talk you through the various options - whether you are planning to have a mobile tyre fitting van or adding to your existing garage services. Unite tyre changers and wheel balancers come with a 24-month warranty and are backed by a UK wide engineering team who can access a full array of spare parts stocked in its Midlands-based warehouse. High performance tyre fitting training is available from the firm to help businesses maximise business in their area.

Book in a demo

Wheel alignment from Tecalemit
Published:  06 May, 2014

The GTR 440 wheel alignment system from Tecalemit incorporates position sensors mounted on wheel hangers which communicate with a PC within the workstation cabinet via Bluetooth. All the essential angles are measured while the live data is displayed on the large flat screen and is shown against the vehicle information held on the database. An on-site demonstration service is offered to potential customers.

Prepare to service new models

Air conditioning from Launch
Published:  06 May, 2014

A dual gas station from Launch recovers, recycles and recharges R134a and R1234yf refrigerants automatically. The ECK Twin enables a quick change from one gas to the other without the risk of cross contamination as there are two separate units in the machine. Functions include oil discharge, vacuum, leak test, UV tracer dye and oil regeneration. Launch also supplies single gas stations and a range of tools and consumables, backed by technical support an on-site training.

New parts and quality guarantee

Brakes from Apec Braking
Published:  05 May, 2014

A total of 26 new part numbers have joined Apec Braking's programme of parts. Notable inclusions are front and rear brake pads for the Ford Transit, Golf Mk7 and Audi A3 Sport 2012-on platforms. The firm has a new parts guarantee in place on every complete axle set of matching discs and pads for two years or 24,000 miles. If the discs or pads wear out during this time, they will replace them free. You simply register the sets online to provide extra reassurance to your customers.

Full Approval

Garage equipment from Trade Garage Equipment
Published:  02 May, 2014

Sub-standard garage equipment has always been a worry for the industry, while poor installation and no technical backup is also a concern. Trade Garage Equipment has just introduced the 'Trade Approved' customer guarantee across all of its equipment and installations. Work is undertaken by GEA Accredited engineers who have recognised trade qualifications and regular, scheduled training and follow the GEA Code of Conduct for qualified standards and professionalism. An aftersales care service is maintained by experienced engineers who are experienced in the equipment offered. Once the customer is happy with the work undertaken, Trade Garage Equipment will present them with a certificate showing they have the backing of the company and giving clients confidence that the workshop is fully supported.

Tyres are changing

Tyre changers from Bosch
Published:  01 May, 2014

Two new wheel balancers and a tyre changer are available from Bosch which have many OEM approvals and recognise the market's need for a 24" to 26" turntable. The WBE 4200 and 4400 semi-automatic wheel balancers provide digital read-outs for cars, LCVs and motorcycles and give better access to the inside of the wheel and an improved working position. Using Bosch's Easyfix arm, they take measurements in eight seconds, automatically measuring the diameter and distance of the wheel. They feature a space-saving hood and slim body design and use the Aludata weight sticking system - an external arm is optional. They have 11 programmes for vehicle wheels, five of which are specific for alloys. There is a weight separation programme, five for motorcycle wheels and a static unbalance optimisation feature. The WBE 4400, incorporates all of the useful features of the WBE 4200 but adds the 19" TFT LCD-monitor. Lastly, the new TCE 4450 is a fully automatic tyre changer with a column that tilts and raises, handling wider tyres with a diameter of up to 26".

Better than OE?

Steering and suspension from Meyle
Published:  30 April, 2014

The experts at Meyle have re-engineered control arm bushings for a wide range of makes and models and the latest offering benefits the Mazda 3 and 5 series models. The rugged full rubber mount is designed to outlast the hydro bushing on the OE version and it comes with a four-year warranty. Technical director Sven Nielsen says: "Unlike their OE counterparts, the MEYLE bushings are made from steel and high-grade natural rubber, dispensing with all fluid", Nielsen continues. "The MEYLE-HD bushing is therefore immune to premature failure caused by fluid leakage. To ensure the part offers identical damping capabilities, the forces acting on the components have been calculated using the finite element method (FEM), allowing the MEYLE bushing to provide similar dynamic driving properties as the OE hydro bushing. "

BMW M3 upgrade

Suspension from Bilstein
Published:  29 April, 2014

A range of adjustable damper upgrades for BMWs E92 M3 are available from Bilstein, providing a full 'plug and play' compatibility with the factory EDC system, working fully with the factory switchgear. The EDC compatible unit allows owners to adjust their car for track or fast road use instantly, maintaining the character and comfort of the original drive but with a sharper focus on handling precision. It plugs directly into the factory loom using OEM connectors - a direct replacement for the original dampers. It is designed to give significantly greater service life over the standard part.

Judder free

Clutch kits from ACDelco
Published:  28 April, 2014

Twenty clutch kits join the ACDelco programme covering many popular models from various VMs including Alfa Romeo, Citroen, BMW, Fiat, Hyundai and Mercedes. The new additions include all-new components and cover 11,000 European and Asian applications and are supplied in its eye-catching pizza-style packaging. The parts are covered by a 24 month/20,000 mile warranty and feature low drive plate run-out for less vibration and judder-free operation and an even pressure plate lift for smooth engagement. Full details can be found on MAM, Activant and TecDoc.

Smart chargers

Smart battery chargers from CTEK
Published:  25 April, 2014

The full range of smart battery chargers from CTEK will be showcased which are designed to ensure any 12V or 24V battery is optimally conditioned, charged and maintained. A number of products will also be announced at the show

New starters

Starters and alternators from Remy
Published:  24 April, 2014

A total of 44 new to range starters and alternators join Remy's programme of rotating electrics. The total number of parts now stands at well over 4,000 and covers more than 35,000 applications. New starters cover the Vauxhall Astra J and Corsa D as well as the Mercedes CLS, E Class, M Class and S Class. Alternators cater for the Renault Laguna, Hyundai i20, Citroen Nemo and Mitsubishi Pajero IV.

Free training

Training from the GEA
Published:  23 April, 2014

Alignment made easy

Clutch alignment kit from Draper
Published:  18 April, 2014

This Expert universal clutch alignment kit from Draper is designed to help you quickly align the flywheel pilot hole with the drive plate. It comes with eight steel bushes and three expanding mandrels and is suitable for most cars and LCVs. A six-piece HGV clutch aligning kit is also available. A 38 piece self-adjusting clutch kit pre-tensions SACs prior to removal and installation to prevent damage and premature wear. It can be used on BMW, Fiat, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo and VW/Audi vehicles fitted with a SAC.

Electric overview

Steering from KPS
Published:  17 April, 2014

Electronic power steering (EPS) has been available for some time, with the first vehicles to use it being built around 1998. Replacing these systems is very diagnostic led and involves a different mentality to the installation of hydraulic steering systems. KPS is able to supply re-coded products, so they leave the factory believing they are brand new products. This allows them to supply 'plug and play' items that will overcome installation issues with VIN or anti-theft specific products. KPS is an official distributor for JTEKT HPI and offers full range of 'Generation 3' original equipment electric power steering pumps, all programmed to suit the respective application. The full range is: Renault Laguna 3, Peugeot 307, 407, 807 and Expert, Citroen C4, C8, Jumpy, Fiat Scudo and Dacia Logan.

RepSet, ready, go!

LuK clutches from Schaeffler
Published:  16 April, 2014

During 2013, Schaeffler extended its LuK clutch range so independents could deal with the requirements of nearly six million additional vehicles, with more to follow in the coming months. Two new DMFs join the fold for the VW Gold 2.0 GTI ('04-'09) and the Golf VI TDI ('08-'13), both of which are fitted with the LuK DSG gearbox. RepSet Pros are also now available for the Ford Mondeo IV ('07 on), the VW Amarok 2.0 TSI ('10 on) and the Peugeot RCZ 1.6 ('10 on). Lastly, a RepSet has been released for more than 67,000 vehicles including the Land Rover Freelander 2 2.2 TD4 ('06 on) and for a number of Far Eastern models.

Protecting shocks

Steering and suspension from KYB
Published:  15 April, 2014

KYBs 2014 catalogues feature 66 new shock absorber part numbers for its five damper ranges and 92 new coil spring parts for cars, car derived vans and light commercials. Over 22 additional applications for suspension mounting kits are also offered, designed to increase the life of the shock absorber and can be easily replaced at the same time as the shocks. 45 protection kit applications have also been added. A total of 80 vehicle manufacturers are listed alphabetically for easy reference and a pictorial listing of suspension components is also included. The firm has recently built a new coil spring factory in the Czech Republic to support increasing demand for KYB K-Flex coil springs.

Corsa upgrade

Chassis enhancements from Eibach
Published:  14 April, 2014

A range of chassis enhancements are available from Eibach for the Corsa 'D' model, improving handling on the 3-door, 5-door and even commercial variants. The more subtle Pro-Kit gives an all-round 30mm drop for better handling and less chance of the vehicle rolling. Each spring is pre-stressed to avoid sagging, shot-peened for perfect tempering and then electrostatically powder-coated for durability. The Sportline package gives a more aggressive stance with 40mm up front and 30mm at the rear for a 'raked' stance. The Pro Street-S coilover kit is a stainless steel threaded damper body giving a range of height adjustments from -25mm to -55mm from stock ride-height. They can be adjusted individually for a fine set-up and corner weighting if desired.

Ramp up the amperage

Battery chargers from JHM Butt
Published:  11 April, 2014

The Accusmart range of electronic battery chargers has grown, says distributor JHM Butt. The existing 12V units with outputs of 2A and 4A are joined by 1A 12V, 7A 12V and 3.5A 24V units, charging batteries from 35Ah to 210Ah and maintaining batteries up to 250Ah. All chargers are supplied with at least two connectors, clamps and battery terminal, 2A, 4A and 7A 12V are additionally supplied with an auxiliary socket connector. All chargers come with a two-year warranty.

Rise of the Phoenix

Filters from TJ Filters
Published:  10 April, 2014

After a 15 year hiatus, TJ Filters, who previously made OEM and aftermarket car and motorcycle filters for many manufacturers from Alvis and Aston Martin to Velocette and Wolseley, are back on the scene with more than 500 references for next-day delivery from Quinton Hazell. QH is now owned by Tetrosyl who has invested £10 million into the brand. Ron Bentley, Product Manager for TJ Filters, says: "I've worked for Quinton Hazell for twenty years and I can tell you that this is the most exciting thing that has happened at my time at the company."

Safe as houses

EV tools from Laser Tools
Published:  09 April, 2014

A new range of VDE certified tools for use on hybrid and electric cars is available from Laser Tools. There's a 3/8" drive torque wrench, a versatile 3/8" drive socket set, a Hex and Star Key set plus a Screwdriver set. The wrench has a quick release and has 5-25Nm of torque, the socket set has 14 sockets in total, ranging from 6mm to 19mm and the smooth 3/8" drive ratchet handle has quick release and 150mm and 250mm insulated extension bars. All the tools have VDE certification and are rated to 1,000 volts.

Tyre tool saves time

Universal TPMS solution from Autogem
Published:  08 April, 2014

In the last 18 months, Autogem has been saving its customers time with the universal TPMS solution, the i-sensor. The firm is using the event to show visitors the latest development in the programme - the launch of online training for both Autogem distributors and the technicians fitting TPMS on a daily basis. This new training platform provides the flexibility of onsite training not tied to specific site visits or expensive training sessions. It's designed to be fast, easy and totally user friendly to get technicians to a competent standard quickly and thoroughly. The firm has now trained in excess of 1,000 technicians and salespeople throughout the UK and abroad on the benefits of making TPMS an important part of every tyre business. It invites you its stand to find out more about i-sensor and its latest training modules.

Improved customer service

Wheel alignment from Pro-Align
Published:  07 April, 2014

A new powerful HunterNet software module is said to benefit workshops when completing steering and suspension repairs with aligners using the latest WinAlign operating system. It provides reports so receptionists can access alignment results, customers can make decisions about additional work which may be required and customers can be sent results by email. You can use the software to analyse the work taking place in your workshop, including performance indicators and the conversion of opportunities to sales. "As all steering and suspension work should be completed with an alignment check, HunterNet is a valuable addition to a workshop's armoury," says Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. "Not only can it help to improve customer service levels but its extensive management information capabilities can prove invaluable for those workshops looking to maximise their profitability."

Reader discount on JLR service tool

Servicing tool from Diagnostic associates
Published:  04 April, 2014

A direct replacement

Clutch kits from Valeo
Published:  04 April, 2014

The range of high efficiency (HEC) clutch kits available from Valeo has grown. They directly replace self-adjusting clutches and are designed to improve driver comfort and increase the life of the clutch - plus they're easier and quicker to fit. HEC kits have a special clutch cover which makes the diaphragm more rigid and a high efficiency, low-wear friction material - this is said to ensure a stable pedal distance and load throughout the life of the clutch. Designed to be easy to fit, the kits require no special tooling and there are 64 references in the range including popular marques such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

A year on

Steering and suspension from Comline
Published:  03 April, 2014

Comline entered the steering & suspension realm last year and has recently introduced its 1,000th part number. The range caters for 90% of the European, Japanese and Korean car parc. The programme includes stabiliser links, control arms, suspension kits, tie rods, ball joints and suspension bushes. Prior to manufacturing, all raw materials are tested for purity before each component undergoes rigorous tests including tension, compression, hardness and live performance before being branded and batch coded for traceability.

A heads-up on hybrids

Training from GroupAuto
Published:  02 April, 2014

Without training, the independent garage is seriously disadvantaged when it comes to winning business as almost all franchised dealers have an integrated training regime from their vehicle manufacturer. To help keep its garage network remain competitive, GroupAuto provides technical training to its AutoCare members. Non-members can also benefit from its G-Xpert initiative which provides 24 courses across the UK by respected independent trainers from eXponentia and ADS. Workshops that attend five eXponentia courses achieve 'Master Garage' status and a wall plaque. Electric vehicle training is available in the form of a one-day course covering hybrid systems and a two-day course which provides attendees with the know-how to safely diagnose and repair faults on hybrids.

New tools added to range

Bespoke tools from Blue Print
Published:  01 April, 2014

Bespoke tools are needed more frequently to complete many servicing and repair jobs nowadays and Blue Print has added a host of new tools to complement the 26,000 parts it provides for Asian and American vehicles. Extra long 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 12mm glow plug sockets will grip and extract the glow plugs on the applicable vehicles, the 12mm deep socket pictured here has a reinforced adapter to remove plugs in very difficult to reach locations. There's a stretch belt tool to remove and replace auxiliary belts on Mazda and Ford applications, including the Fiesta and Mazda 2.

Quick release

Steering and suspension parts from Firstline
Published:  31 March, 2014

New to range parts are a priority at First Line and 45 were added last month. Notable parts include wishbones for the Toyota Hi-Lux III and Renault Clio, tie rod ends for the Toyota Prius and top strut mountings for the Renault Captur. The firm prides itself on the speed in which it introduces parts in relation to the launch of the vehicle as demonstrated by availability of wishbones for the Citroen C-Elysee 2013 and tie rod ends, stabiliser links and rack ends for the 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Put to the test

Brakes from Tarox
Published:  28 March, 2014

Performance brake manufacturer Tarox subjects all products to a burn/freeze test which is used by OEM suppliers to confirm efficiency and longevity under extreme conditions. Products are tested inside a temperature controlled thermal cell, aka the torture chamber. The resistance of all the components on a brake caliper is checked under extreme temperature as well as intense use. Each caliper, complete with pads, is fixed on a support within the cell and the cell is cycled between 120°C and -40°C. The caliper is made to perform 1,000 simulated retardations every hour, for a continuous 36 hour session, over 3 full heat cycles of 12 hours each. So, each test sees 36,000 simulated stops over one-and-a-half days. The company found that every Tarox product was found to operate without fault throughout these conditions and all components were in perfect working order after a thorough strip down and inspection. MD Valeria Taroni, said: "We are delighted to share the results of this in-house testing with our dealers and end-users. There is no requirement or stipulation in the performance aftermarket to subject our products to such torture but we feel as a company that we should prove the engineering integrity of every component we design and manufacture."


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