Care for tough hands

Number 1 hand cleanser from Granville
Published:  05 December, 2008

/>This cleanser is now available in a new three-litre dispenser. It uses a blend of surfactants and natural citrus oils to shift dirt. These are combined with small polymer beads that loosen stubborn, ground-in dirt. It aims to be tough yet pleasant to use with a natural, lemony sme

Find battery faults

Advanced Battery Analyser from RW Motortec
Published:  04 December, 2008

/>The alternator test checks output under no-load and full-load conditions while the starter test identifies lazy starter motors, which are often at the heart of associated problems. The battery analyser is designed to give precise information about the state of a battery on both 12V and 24V systems, including precise % readings of remaining battery l

Help on complex repairs

Envirobase Internal Repair System from PPG Industries
Published:  03 December, 2008

/>It is based on the same painting processes found in car manufacturing plants. It is based on the Envirobase mixing scheme to which two new products have been added; a waterborne engine bay converter and a waterborne activator. PPG says colour matching and mixing are both easy and by mimicking the process adopted in factories, the system aims to reduce process times and materials consumpti

Max torque and min weight

MG725 impact gun from Snap-on Tools
Published:  02 December, 2008

/>The MG725 has a one-piece magnesium housing to give durability and minimum weight together with reduced vibration. It also has a patented ‘tip valve’ trigger mechanism that aims to increase air flow, and together with a twin hammer impact mechanism, give users greater control and pow

Luxurious added extra

Parking Heater Upgrade kits from Webasto
Published:  01 December, 2008

/>The parking heater pre-heats engine coolant and can be activated by timer, remote key fob or even a mobile phone to give pre-heated engines and an end to troublesome cold sta

Reman quality choice

Remanufactured components from Renault Service Exchange
Published:  28 November, 2008

/>It includes starters and alternators, brake calipers, drive shafts and steering racks. Also available as reman units are ECUs, air con compressors, radiators and clutches along with engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbo charger

Body shop tailored solution

Hofmann C120 single-post lift from Maywood
Published:  27 November, 2008

/>Also out now from Maywood is a 2.5-ton version – although this is only available in three-phase. The company also offers a full range of two and four-post lifts for body shops and workshops

Up-to-date cooling parts

Thermostats from Gates
Published:  26 November, 2008

/>Also out now are curved radiator hoses for the latest Toyota, Fiat and Ford models. More than 40 of these hoses have been added to the company’s rapidly expanding range of cooling compone

Energy saving headlamps

Ecovision halogen headlamps from Philips
Published:  25 November, 2008

/>The 12V halogen lamps are the latest additions to Philips’ range of automotive lighting products, which also includes the Blue Vision, X-treme Power and Vision Plus ran

Quick and easy installation

Moog all-in-one suspension kits from Federal Mogul
Published:  24 November, 2008

/>The latest front axle suspension kits out now are for the Volkswagen Golf 4, the Astra G/Zafira and the Citroen C4/Peugeot 307. They incorporate link stabilizers, bushings for the wishbone and ball joints to

Starter destruction testing

Starters and alternators from Valeo
Published:  21 November, 2008

/>Its reman process is based on the complete replacement of all wear parts with detailed inspection of every single unit followed by electric and electronic testing to root out and solve any potential proble

Energy saving body shops

REVO 180 drying system from Tri-Sphere
Published:  20 November, 2008

/>“As the rising costs of fuel are straight off the bottom line, the combined influences of the controlling sensors and power management systems integrated into the REVO 180 will contribute to an average fuel saving of up to 75%,” says a spokesman for Tri-Sph

Added profit potential

Xstream coolants from Comma
Published:  19 November, 2008

/>Comma’s products are designed to match the original fill products in modern vehicles, particularly the 70% of vehicles made in the EU that have OAT (organic acid technology) coola

New-look clutch range

Pizza packaging from ACDelco
Published:  18 November, 2008

/>The re-launched packaging coincides with the introduction of 64 three-piece clutch kits, two self-adjusting and three DMF kits. There are also 29 concentric slave cylinders availa

Specialist vehicle power

RedFlash Deep Cycle batteries from DMS Technologies
Published:  17 November, 2008

/>Their absorbed glass mat construction allows them to be installed upright or on a side as there is no free electrolyte and, because they are sealed, there is no fear of acid spillage eith

Efficient reman records

eCORPS core return system from Valeo
Published:  14 November, 2008

/>The eCORPS systems aims to give rapid and reliable recognition of the majority of collected parts for an optimal remanufacturing process and a bigger and faster credit on surcharge. The system gives core collectors real time access to customer information, such as the number of products purchased against the number of cores returned. The database in the hand-held device contains more than 14,000 technical references and is updated daily

High quality welding

Origo Mig C141 welding machine from ESAB
Published:  13 November, 2008

/>The unit has been released alongside the C151 version and both can use conventional solid wire or self-shielding cored wire. They are designed for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well as Mig brazing with wire diameters of 0.6, 0.8 or 1mm depending on the work-piece size and materia

Massive cooling choice

Radiators from Nissens
Published:  12 November, 2008

/>For added quality, the company double-fold the fin to give a strong surface that ensures handling does not damage the product. The company tailors each kit to the needs of end-users with blanks to help installers deal with radiators with or without small pipe

Boost your turbo power

Audi A3 Flywheel from Fidanza
Published:  11 November, 2008

/>It is made from high-quality machined 6061 T6 aluminium with a 1050 steel friction surface, CNC machined fastener holes and chamfers. It is suitable for use with almost any clutch disc material, from organic to Kevlar and even sintered iron. For added durability, it comes with a heat-treated ring gear and military-grade fasteners.

Safety and stopping power

Foundation Brakes Composite calipers from TRW
Published:  10 November, 2008

/>The programme comprises 14 references and is out now. Applications include the Audi Q5, S5 and Mercedes C-class. It aims to produce the stiff pedal action that lets drivers control brake force with their foot. The caliper’s high torque allows maximum deceleration to achieve the shortest stopping distanc

Core collection service

Remanufactured components from XL
Published:  07 November, 2008

/>“Remanufactured build quality is absolutely essential,” says Louise Wilkowski, XL’s account manager. “Wherever possible we improve on the original OE build quality to increase product performance and remove any OE weaknesses.

Smart repair market

SmartCabin spray booth from Junair
Published:  06 November, 2008

/>With its doors open, the booth can accommodate roughly half a car length to allow the refinishing of larger areas. The booth measures 3,800mm wide by 3,500mm deep and 2,430mm h

Asian cooling systems

Lexus GS300 radiators from ADL
Published:  05 November, 2008

/>Radiators for the Toyota Hiace Powervan 2.5DT D-4D and water pumps for the Isuzu Rodeo 3.0DT pick-up have also just been released. They are part of a cooling range that includes pressure caps, thermostats, viscous couplings and air con condens

Good quality solution

Clutch kits from Renault Service Exchange
Published:  04 November, 2008

/>However, because clutches take a long-time to replace, Renault says it’s vital that replacement clutches are quality products that are easily available at competitive pri

Specialist easy way to grip

Elliott Lucas pliers from Spear & Jackson
Published:  03 November, 2008

/>Specialist pliers are also available, including the 8” (200mm) gas pliers, 8” (200mm) glass pliers and 10” (250mm) combination pli

Reman in your workshop

PFM on-car brake lathe from Pro-Cut
Published:  31 October, 2008

/>The machine is designed to skim a disc in nine minutes meaning a whole axle can be done in less than 20 minutes. Pro-Cut says that if workshops charge £40 for skimming an axle it equates to an extra £130 in labour per hour for MOTs on top of what is already being charge

Remove foul fumes fast

Extraction systems from Flextraction
Published:  30 October, 2008

/>Also available is the APS aluminium rail system for extraction of exhaust fumes from moving vehicles and the AFS Hose rail system – a simpler system with a supporting steel rail to offer automatic trolley ret

Quality engine cooling

Korean engine cooling parts from Behr Hella Service
Published:  29 October, 2008

/>Behr Hella’s range of thermal parts now includes 330 products covering 85% of the parts requirement for Korean vehicles in western Europ

Historic brand power

Borg & Beck clutches from First Line
Published:  28 October, 2008

/>The company has three-in-one and four-in-one kits for the range that covers passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Components include clutches for everything from regular marques to less well-known makes such as Yugo, Ssangyong and Daci

VOSA approved MOT tool

Combination exhaust emissions tester from Actia Muller
Published:  27 October, 2008

/>Packaged in a mobile storage cabinet it comes with a 19” flat screen, PC and laser printer. It can be used in conjunction with other Actia Muller test equipment, including shock absorber and wheel alignment kit. It is also fully compatible with Actia’s Multi-di@g diagnostic units – helping to form the basis of a multi-function testing uni

Beam blade revolution

Neoform blades from Trico
Published:  24 October, 2008

/>The ever-expanding range is available for a large number of cars that were originally fitted with conventional wipers, as well as for newer models where they are a direct replaceme

Quick exhaust testing

Oliver 6500 diesel smokemeter from Autocal
Published:  23 October, 2008

/>The printer can be customised to include the user’s name, address and work details as well as the results of the FAS (partial flow free acceleration) test itself. It comes with a stainless steel testing pro

Money- back guarantee

BendPak two-post lifts from Ranger Products
Published:  21 October, 2008

/>The company says its MOT consultants will be able to advise garages on a range of issues, including the latest VOSA legislation

Easier engine assembly

CP7735 impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic
Published:  20 October, 2008

/>Other features include an ergonomic trigger designed to offer forward and reverse torque at the touch of a button. It also comes with a handle exhaust and 360 degree air inlet swivel to prevent troublesome hose kink

Brake tester renovation

REGRIT brake tester renovation kit from Formulas That Work
Published:  17 October, 2008

/>It cures in 12 hours so workshop downtime can be kept to a minimum. It can even be reduced to zero if it is left to cure overnight. The coating is designed to last for several years and each kit is suitable for one standard tester comprising four rollers

High quality wiping

All-seasons wipers from Michelin
Published:  16 October, 2008

/>The blades’ profile is also built to combat leaves, dust and insects. A synthetic rubber is used for durability and given a water-repellent coating to stop it sticking to the screen on especially hot or cold days. Michelin says this speeds up the dispersal of wa

For a taste of US power

Borla performance CAT-back exhausts from USAutomotive
Published:  15 October, 2008

/>Marques covered by the new European range include, Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Ford, Lexus and Chevrolet. The exhausts are EU type-approved and comply with regulations for noise, back pressure and engine performa

Get to grips with belts

Timing belts from Vauxhall Trade Club
Published:  14 October, 2008

/>All the components needed to complete a full repair are included in the kits to help you get a perfect fit first time. Because they are genuine OE parts, they help independent repairers offer customers an assurance of premium quality and peace of min

Enhance diagnostic tools

Global Pro version 84 software updates from Automotive Garage Equipment Supplies
Published:  13 October, 2008

/>Global Pro says it made “significant investment” in resources and technology last year and hopes users will now benefit from enhanced product support and functions designed to help workshops and technicians tackle the latest diagnostic difficultie

Green powerful lifting

Envirolift from Stertil Koni
Published:  10 October, 2008

/>The lifting column is made from 98% recycled material and the unit as a whole runs on deep-cycle, 100% recyclable batteries that can be recharged via a single-phase power supply. What’s more, the batteries are automatically recharged as the lift lowers in a bid to keep overall energy consumption to a mini

A tailored screen wiper fix

Vehicle-specific beam blades from Wipac
Published:  09 October, 2008

/>Wipac also offers a range of auxiliary lights and lights for 4x4 and classic cars as well as work lamps and auto electrical components. A full marketing and technical package is provided through personal sales contacts, marketing literature, help and advi

Popular vehicles covered

Diesel Particulate Filters from BM Catalysts
Published:  08 October, 2008

/>Also available now is an extensive range of maniverters for marques including BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Alfa Romeo and mor

Belt up stretch fit jobs

SFT001 installation tool from Gates
Published:  07 October, 2008

/>Also out now is the SFT003 tool, designed for more compact engine layouts. All Stretch Fit belts now come with instructions on how the tools should be used to fit t

Get your teeth into any job

Grip wrenches from Sykes Pickavant
Published:  06 October, 2008

/>The Omnium grips are a special multi-purpose design, combining straight, curved and convex jaw profiles. They aim to offer a secure grip on almost any kind of object, including large, small, flat and round surfa

OE quality ignition parts

All-makes ignition parts from Bosch
Published:  03 October, 2008

/>The company says ignition coils have, in particular, gone through big design changes with the increasing use of plastic as a construction material making them more resilient to vibration and h

Accurate emissions testing

700 series Gas and Smoke Emissions Analyser from Crypton
Published:  02 October, 2008

/>The unit has been designed to offer a range of luxurious features as standard. These include a sturdy, custom-built cabinet, a Dell PC, printer and tilting 19” flat screen moni

Easy airbag removal

Airbag removal tool kit from Laser
Published:  01 October, 2008

/>Laser says it will also remove the steering wheel airbag from the VW Passat, Jetta, Golf and new Beetle models built between 1999 and 2

Fast and firm sealing

Silicone Liquid Gasket can from ThreeBond
Published:  30 September, 2008

/>It is designed to help anyone with flanges to seal against water or oil in gearboxes or other engine syst

Diagnostic wiring diagrams

Version 31 IDC3 software from Texa
Published:  29 September, 2008

/>Texa says there are now 437 extra wiring diagrams available for cars from these and other manufacturers, including SMART, Suzuki and Vo

Big bulb range expanded

All-makes bulb range from AC Delco
Published:  26 September, 2008

/>It includes bulbs for both off-road and on-road vehicles with bulbs for every kind of application from headlamp and indicator to reversing, parking and fog bu


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