Published:  25 August, 2022

We finally went and did it. After three years, what with the pandemic and all, Mrs P and I finally managed to get away on holiday abroad this summer. It wasn’t straightforward though, then after the last couple of years, would you expect anything else? However, it did provide a salutary lesson that we were able to bring back to Parkit Motors, along with the bottle of local tipple, and the funny hat.

Lets Get Together

Published:  19 August, 2022

Consolidation, it’s the name of the game. No, wait – that’s Monopoly I was thinking of, but someone really should do a board game where the object of the exercise is to gradually take over the entire motor industry, until you have every brand, and have vertically integrated yourself to a point where you own, well, everything.


Published:  23 June, 2022

I must confess, I am not just writing for Aftermarket these days. I struck up a conversation with the Editor of our local paper at a chamber of commerce event a while back, well, to be more honest, I’ve more or less been talking her ear off at various local business events for years.

Modern life is elementary

Published:  02 May, 2022

Elementary my dear…what’s going on? Sorry about that. This computer seems to have predictive text running. While the idea of Sherlock Holmes at Parkit Motors rather tickles me, I was actually going to talk about EVs. Specifically, I wanted to discuss elements necessary to their function. 

A good day’s work down the drain

Published:  03 April, 2022

I got my fingers burnt with a battery replacement recently. Not literally of course, as that would be very painful, and I would have mentioned that aspect first. I have a very low pain threshold, and I am also a talker. This is not a good combination. Anyway, luckily, we’re not talking about an electric car battery either, or else you might be reading ‘Arthur Parkit – in Memoriam’ as written by Mrs P. We are set up for EVs, but I am scrupulously careful around that bay. 

Finest worksong

Published:  02 March, 2022

I’ve been thinking about staff recently. No, not the lot I have now, they all seem quite content and I have no particular issues with them, apart from their radio station choices sometimes. No, I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I did need to replace one of them, or even a few at the same time.

Which way is up?

Published:  10 February, 2022

You see some strange stuff when you are driving around. I was taking a vehicle out for a test drive a few days ago. It was one of those sunny, bitterly cold winter days when everything is so bright and clear it hurts your eyes, and often your nose for some reason. Clear days are good for road safety, but not so great if there are some scratches on the paintwork of your car that you’d rather not look at, as if you don’t, surely, they aren’t there. On days like our day in question, the scratches are clearer than the rest of the car.


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