Diesel here to stay

Expert predicts derv systems to last another 20 years

Published:  21 February, 2013

AN expert in diesel systems has stated that derv-powered vehicles will be with us 'in one shape or form for many years to come.

Paul Charman, the Technical Centre Manager for Delphi Powertrain Systems believes that the challenges of complying with Euro VII and beyond can be overcome. "We see the diesel car running forward for at least the next twenty years in some shape or form" he said. "We see no end to the diesel vehicle in the medium term".

He added that while it would be 'impossible to guess' what the windscreen price of future vehicles might be, any increase in performance and economy will manifest itself as a long-term saving. "I think there will be benefits to the end user in terms of miles per gallon as well as tax and other fiscal breaks associated with running the vehicle. The initial price Is only part of the equation" he said.

Previously, some motor industry analysts have predicted that diesel systems will become too costly for the mass market.

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