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Battery charger from Sealey

Published:  30 June, 2016

Sometimes you'll need to jump a vehicle to either get it out of the way or to aid a repair. The E/START800 from Sealey is therefore suited to this application, providing a greater power output over others in the range. The Electrostart is different to other products on the range as it does not contain a battery inside the unit. Instead, in runs with ultracapacitors amongst other patented electronics that maximise a discharged battery's voltage. The E/START800 requires just 5 volts to jump start a vehicle. Simply connect it to the vehicle's discharged battery and the unit will display the battery's existing voltage. It then draws power from it and energises itself fully within two minutes before pushing full power safely back through the starting system, jump starting the vehicle. The advantage of not having an internal battery is that the device is small, lightweight and has a life-cycle of 10 years, while not needing to be kept in a charged state and therefore can be used instantly.

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