Tester is tops for diagnostics

Component testing from Bosch

Published:  29 November, 2010

rong>The new FSA 500 Mobile Tester and FSA and Hybrid Tester from Bosch are said to provide fast and accurate troubleshooting and the latter aids professional diagnosis of electronic and hybrid drives.

/>Fault codes and control unit diagnostics provide a line of enquiry but to isolate faults, further testing is required so that faulty components can be identified. Bosch’s FSA 500 is designed to do just this and is presented as an ‘affordable entry point into fast and accurate fault analysis’. The FSA 050 is a special tester for vehicles with electronic and hybrid drives. The hand-held device can be used with the FSA 500 or as a stand-alone tool. It’s equipped with engine test functions, a universal oscilloscope with a 2-channel and 4-channel mode, an ignition scope and a 2-channel multimeter. It therefore meets all standard requirements for the electrical and electronic testing of vehicle Bus systems, such as the CAN

/>The FSA 500 also features a signal generator for simulating sensor signals as well as an extensive range of preset component tests. The FSA software guides the mechanic through the test sequence step-by-s

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