BM Catalysts welcome DPF decision

Published:  02 July, 2018

BM Catalysts has welcomed the Department for Transport (DfT) decision to reiterate the strict requirements for selling catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) into the UK. The firm believes it will help reduce the number of non-compliant products being sold and subsequently fitted in the UK market.The DfT also advises that DPFs cannot be sold for Euro 5 vehicles without the required homologation to meet European standards.

BM Catalysts Managing Director Toby Massey said the new advice brings further clarity to the aftermarket: “It’s important that all parties, particularly distributors, ensure that the correct parts are supplied for the right vehicles, including meeting the correct Euro emissions standards.

“Along with this new advice from the DFT, we expect that identifying the right parts for distributors will become easier once V9 of MAM is released. Once this is in place, we’ll start to see the correct catalytic converters and DPFs available, matched against the correct vehicles for the first time.”

 The DFT have also made the market aware that manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have a responsibility to ensure the correct parts are supplied based on the law, and that enforcement action can be taken if they don’t.

Toby adds: “It’s the responsibility of all of us to make this work.”

The DFT’s guidelines on catalytic converters can be found at

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