Thatcham launches IMI-accredited ADAS course

Published:  25 October, 2019

Thatcham Research has today (Friday 25 October) launched IMI-accredited ADAS calibration training, designed to close what it classifies as an emerging skills gap. Since the publication of its ‘Managing vehicle repairs involving ADAS’ document in May, Thatcham Research has been engaged in industry consultation with industry associations and bodies, including the IMI, SMMT, BVRLA, NBRA and IGA.

Thatcham and the other industry stakeholders worked closely with the IMI to on the training programme. The new course will provide to technicians vital competencies, including how to interpret information relating to a specific vehicle’s ADAS features and determine the required method of calibration. It will also cover the correct use of tools and equipment and how to identify, locate and follow software-specific recalibration methods.

Dean Lander, Head of Repair Sector Services, Thatcham Research commented: “The evolution, and widespread adoption, of ADAS features on new vehicles presents the whole repair sector with a challenge. It’s paramount that repaired vehicles are returned to customers with these potentially life-saving features operating as they were pre-accident. This course will give technicians the knowledge and skills to do that job and provide peace of mind that ADAS has been reinstated safely.”

He continued: “We’ve been looking for consensus on the key issues to be addressed. Chief among these are the lack of technical capability and capacity to effectively manage the current volume of ADAS in repair. The process continues as we work towards releasing a Code of Practice at the end of the year, to ensure a sustainable, standardised approach to the repair of ADAS-equipped vehicles.”

Steve Scofield FIMI, Head of Business Development for the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) added: “It is imperative that the ADAS Code of Practice drives technician competence in recalibration so that vehicles are repaired  with safety features such as AEB fully reinstated. Motorists need to have the peace of mind that repairs are done so that ADAS technology remains wholly effective. The IMI continues to work with the sector to ensure this competence standard is up to date and assessed in a consistent way.”

In addition, Thatcham Research has updated its escribe repair methods service with dynamic ADAS fitment information. Users can also better identify sensors and their locations, as well as understand the repair scenarios in which calibration may need to be carried out.

Book a place on the IMI ADAS course here: or call: 01635 293174.

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